Man Arrested for Cheating Over 250 Women

Man Arrested for Cheating Over 250 Women in Matrimonial Fraud

The accused, according to the police, designed online profiles using photographs of young men and pretended to be a software engineer and customs officials.

Bengaluru:  According to reports, on Wednesday, the Bengaluru railway police apprehended a 45-year-old man on suspicion of infidelity against more than 250 women he befriended through matrimonial websites and social media platforms.

The police stated that they had positively identified the suspect as Naresh Pujari Goswami, a twenty-year resident of the city and a native of Rajasthan. By fabricating profiles on matrimonial sites and social media platforms, he incentivized women and their families to make monetary contributions to him.

Officials from the police stated that the suspects posed as software engineers and customs officials and used photographs of young men to establish online profiles.

“It has been revealed that the defendant deceived 259 women across more than ten states.” He impersonated an airport customs agent or a software engineer.  After that, he extended an invitation to Bengaluru to discuss marriage.  Upon their arrival, he informed them that he had essential business at the office and would have his uncle receive them in his place.

Subsequently, he met the woman or her family at the train station while impersonating the uncle by using an alternate phone number.  Ahead, he would excuse himself and maintain a safe distance from the victims while calling them on his old phone number.

Furthermore, he would request that the woman or her family transfer between ₹5,000 and ₹10,000 to his uncle in order to secure urgent train tickets for his family so that they could all meet.

Substituting himself for the uncle, the man subsequently vanished from the location under the pretext of delivering the funds, promising to return in the near future. “The suspect promptly disconnected both of his phone numbers,” Bengaluru Railways Police’s Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) SD Sharanappa reported.

The railway police initiated an investigation into the incident on February 23, subsequent to a complaint lodged by a victim residing in Coimbatore.  Police report that Goswami specifically targeted divorced and widowed women.  According to the police, he acquired the trust of women through late-night texting and phone conversations before inviting them to Bengaluru.

“In a complaint, the relatives of a woman from Coimbatore claimed that the individual had deceived them out of ₹10,000. We initiated an investigation into the matter and apprehended him at the train station. As of now, sixteen victims have provided statements, and we anticipate additional complaints as word of the fraud spreads. He has been charged with cheating under sections IPC 419 and 420,” stated Santhosh M. Patil, an inspector of the railway police.

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