Meta Records Reveal that 100,000 Kids are Sexually Harassed on Facebook and Instagram Daily


Meta Records Reveal that 100,000 Kids are Sexually Harassed on Facebook and Instagram Daily

Recently, a legal case disclosed many heinous facts about 1 Lakh kids getting trapped in online sexual harassment on FB and Instagram daily.

A recent case about child abuse on Meta’s Facebook and Instagram applications alleged that an internal company assessment from 2021 suggested that a maximum of 100,000 kids were daily targets of sexual harassment on the platforms, which encompassed content such as adult genitalia images.

CNBC reported that this information was recently released in portions of a complaint lodged by the attorney general of New Mexico in a continuing legal dispute with the social media giant concerning the organization’s endeavors to protect minors online during the platforms’ meteoric rise in popularity among young people.

The complaint also contained a depiction of an internal company conversation at 2020 Meta, during which an employee inquired of a colleague, “What are our specific actions regarding child grooming, a prevalent issue recently brought to my attention on TikTok?”

“In the interval of zero to negligible.  Safeguarding children is not an explicit objective at this time,” replied the colleague.

The newly disclosed filing indicates that executives of Meta responded hastily to a complaint lodged by an Apple executive in that same year. The executive’s 12-year-old child had been approached on Facebook, as stated in the report.

Meta, according to a spokesperson, has resolved a significant number of the concerns raised in the complaint.

The company stated that it disabled over 500,000 accounts in a single month for violating child safety policies.

“Our objective is to ensure that adolescents have secure and suitable online experiences, and we have compiled a collection of more than thirty resources to assist them and their guardians.”  The company was quoted as saying, “We have spent a decade working on these issues and hiring professionals who have devoted their careers to ensuring young people are safe and supported online.”

Facebook and Instagram, according to the lawsuit, failed to protect minors from online predators, and Meta employees implored the company to implement safety measures but it did not comply.

The lawsuit, which was filed on December 5, 2023, alleged that the organization neglected to implement the suggested modifications due to its prioritization of advertising expansion and social media engagement over the protection of children.

The report names Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Meta, as a defendant.

In the interim, a judge in the United States has issued a ruling mandating Zuckerberg’s presence at a deposition in relation to a litigation lodged in Texas regarding the organization’s facial recognition technology.

As per the decision rendered by Justice Jeff Rambin, Meta’s recent petition “seeking relief from an order compelling the oral deposition” of Zuckerberg at an unspecified date was denied by the state court.

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