On the initiative of PM Modi, MHA will establish a special division “Cyber Commandos.”

Cyber Commandos

On the initiative of PM Modi, MHA will establish a special division “Cyber Commandos.”

India is preparing to deal with the newest wave of cyber dangers, and the national government plans to create a special division of “cyber commandos” made up of members of the police forces of the states, union territories, and national police organizations.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has ordered all police forces to designate 10 qualified “cyber commandos” in its most recent communication to states and UTs.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recommendation to establish the cyber commando branch during the DGP/ IG meeting earlier this year was the catalyst for the proposal to emerge.

MHA Letter, News18

The specialized new wing will undertake cyberspace investigations, safeguard the information technology network, and combat cyber security threats.

“The Prime Minister recommended that a Special Wing of suitably trained “Cyber Commandos” should be established during the DGPs/IGPs Conference held in January 2023 in order to combat threats to cyber security, to defend Information Technology Networks, to conduct an investigation in the cyberspace, and to handle the ongoing cyber security needs of the Police and Government organizations.”

“The police organization would not function without the proposed cyber commando wing. It would be staffed by serving police officers who are properly trained and equipped and are selected from the States/UTs and Central Police Organizations/CAPFs.

If it is thought necessary, hired professionals can support their efforts. On the basis of their aptitude and skills in the fields of IT security and digital forensics, “Cyber Commandos” would be chosen from among the serving members of all levels and put through a specifically created residential training program.”

“I4C, MHA, and other prestigious institutions will conduct this training. These ‘commandos’ will continue to serve their parent organizations and will only be called upon for urgent national obligations.

We must locate serving employees (of any rank) in the different police organizations who are qualified and who are familiar with computer networks and operating systems. Therefore, it is requested that you identify at least 10 such applicants within your company.”


Police organizations would not function without the cyber commando wing. It will include commandos who are skilled and experienced in digital forensics and IT security.

The hand-selected commandos would be trained and given the necessary tools to deal with and thwart cyber attacks. They will be in charge of the nation’s cyber infrastructure as well.

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