online pop-up scam

Minnesota:  The Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office is alerting people to a recent pop-up scam on going full trending these days on the internet.  The law enforcement agency has received two accusations of online fraud in the last week.

The con begins with a bogus Microsoft window that declares a security problem.  When the target calls the number displayed in the popup, they are informed that a bank employee is robbing them of their money.

The conman persuades the victim to put substantial sums of funds into an account holding a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.  After moving the funds, the con artist asks the target to divulge the new account details before stealing it.

Although there haven’t been many instances of this specific fraud, the money involved is substantial.

One victim claimed to have lost nearly $200,000, and the con artists are advising the victims on justifications to offer if financial institutions notice fraud and attempt to take action.

Investigative possibilities in these cases may be restricted since those guilty frequently move throughout international borders to thwart identification and escape punishment and use online tools to obscure their identity.

The Sheriff’s Office advises the public to exercise caution around these frauds and any requests for personal or account info made over the telephone, online, or in person.  By being vigilant and alerting clients who withdraw or move significant sums of money under dubious conditions, local businesses may help prevent these scams.
online pop-up scam
online pop-up scam

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