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Mengaluru:  Online scammers are accused of defrauding a person out of ₹5.4 lakhs under the pretense of part-time employment.  The person making the complaint got a message on Telegram on June 29 from an unidentified sender, as reported by the police.

In addition, the con artist offered to provide part-time work while posing as an official of Uber Esat Agent Private Limited.

Later, the complaint was prompted to click on a website to carry out duties in order to receive payment. ₹1,237 was paid once a task was finished.

On the social networking site, the target was instructed to get in touch with another ID, and the fraudster obtained the victim’s bank information.  The person filing the complaint was gradually defrauded of ₹5,43,151 from multiple bank accounts.

Man is detained for providing forged documents.

The Puttur Town police detained someone for allegedly producing and supplying bogus government papers.

The 40-year-old suspect is named Vishwanath BV.  Tuesday’s raid at BB Electrical and Plumbing was the result of a complaint made by Navin Kumar Bhandari, the executive official of the Puttur taluk panchayat.  A bogus certificate was found.  A case has been filed in accordance with several IPC sections.

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