Pan India Operation Targets 28200 Smartphones, 20 Lakh Numbers Employed for Cybercrimes


Pan India Operation Targets 28200 Smartphones, 20 Lakh Numbers Employed for Cybercrimes

In order to eliminate cybercrime networks associated with 28,200 mobile handsets and 2 million phone numbers, the DoT, MHA, and State Police operate in collaboration. The objective of the action is to create a more secure digital environment.

New Delhi:  The collaboration between the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), and State Police forces in a nationwide campaign to combat cybercrime and financial fraud represents an important milestone in the direction of securing the digital environment for everyone.


The primary objective of this collective endeavor is to dismantle the fraudulent networks and obstruct their activities, thereby safeguarding the public against digital hazards.

Unearthing a Massive Network

By means of a thorough examination, the MHA and State Police detected a worrisome pattern: an astounding 28,200 mobile devices were discovered to be utilized in cybercriminal operations.  The investigation, however, continued.

The Department of Transportation further examined call logs and connections associated with these devices.  The analysis conducted unveiled an extensive network comprising two million mobile numbers, or 20 lakh, which were found to be linked to illicit activity.

Taking Down the Infrastructure

The DoT immediately launched a dual-pronged assault against the illicit infrastructure.  Initially, telecommunications service providers were issued a nationwide directive to disable all 28,200 identified mobile handsets.

This effectively disrupts cybercriminals’ communication channels, thereby impeding their capacity to coordinate and execute attacks.

Disrupting the Network

The DoT’s directive’s second component is directed at the network itself.  Twenty million mobile numbers associated with the prohibited devices will be subjected to a thorough re-verification procedure.


Disconnecting numbers that fail this verification will impede illicit operations and further complicate their functionality.

A Stronger, Safer Digital Space

The collective strategy implemented by governmental entities showcases a substantial dedication to safeguarding the public.  The initiative endeavors to take down the infrastructure employed by cybercriminals by addressing both the devices and the linking network.

By encouraging this collaboration, not only will the integrity of India’s telecommunications infrastructure be preserved, but all citizens will also benefit from a more secure digital environment.

What This Means for You?

In India, this crackdown is an encouraging step toward a secure digital environment for all.  As a result of the targeting of millions of potentially compromised phone numbers, individuals can conduct financial transactions and utilize online services with greater assurance.

However, maintaining caution is of utmost importance.  Maintain a vigilant approach towards unsolicited calls and messages, and refrain from visiting suspicious websites and URLs.  Report any suspected fraudulent activity to the authorities without delay.

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