Ransomware Hackers hit Australian Defence Communications Platform

Ransomware Hackers hit Australian Defence Communications Platform

Data Attackers have found many ways to exploit vulnerabilities in the systems of people to steal their data for personal malicious causes. This makes the lives of people so hard, and for them is to save their confidential data from being executed in front of everyone by the attacker. 

If the attacker doesn’t hold any personal need for that data, they just focus on how to emerge the person into the honeytrap and loot him while ransoming him/ her for monetary benefits. Just like such cases, a case has come up upfront that has messed the lives of people with lots of blunder. 

Authorities, Monday 

A group of hackers made Australian Military Personnel, and Defence Staff’s Communication Platform the target while launching a ransomware attack. Here, the country is battling a recent hype of cyberattacks across businesses. 

Matt Thistlethwaite, Defence Assistant Minister

The ForceNet Service, one of the external providers that the defence department contracts to run one of its websites, has come under attack. However, not a single confidential data has gone missing or compromised.

Thistlethwaite, ABC Radio

“I want to stress that this isn’t an attack or a breach on defence (technology) systems and entities.” 

“At this stage, there is no evidence that the data set has been breached, that’s the data that this company holds on behalf of defence”.

The government will view the incident “very seriously” and all defence personnel have been notified, with suggestions to consider changing their passwords.

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Australian Broadcasting Corp reported

Umm… confidential data like DOB, and enlistment details of military personnel may’ve been stolen. This was reported while observing an unidentified source with knowledge of the investigation. 

Emailed Statement, Defence Department Spokesperson 

Reuters showed a statement made by a spokesperson from the Defence Department that – the department was examining the contents of the affected data set and what sensitive data it contained.

How the Ransom Attack Happened?

  • The ransomware starts attacking with encrypting victims’ data. 
  • Hackers offer victims a key in exchange for cryptocurrency payments. 
  • These payments can be exchanged with hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.
  • After that the attacker will gain access to the victim’s database.

Ransomware attackers

Reaction over entities 

Not only that, you’ll be shocked that from that attack, many big brands became victims. The name that are included in the victims of these attacks are of Australia’s biggest companies and those are as follows- 

  • No. 2 Telecoms Company Optus, owned by Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (STEL.SI), 
  • Country’s Biggest Health Insurer, Medibank Private Ltd (MPL.AX), 

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These firms’ data got compromised recently, likely exposing the details of millions of customers. Technology experts said the country has become a target for cyber-attacks just as a skills shortage leaves an understaffed, overworked cybersecurity workforce ill-equipped to stop it. 

You can see that victims are not able to secure themselves because of carelessness in social media, and internet safety. If you want to get informed about the latest news related to cyber security you can follow our page, and keep tuned in. 

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