Sata Cables can Help In Data Snatching From Dvices/ Systems

Do you think that hacking is only possible if anyone is online? If you’re thinking like that then you’re in the wrong. New research has found that with the help of SATA Cables, any hacker can steal your data without you noticing. Here, we go to the full incident.

Every day, we listen to what happened, and it happened. However, believing in every single topic isn’t properly worthy of our time. In case, you’re thinking that this case was just a prank you’ll be going to witness the whole scenario after reading this blog.

Even the air-gapped systems are being hacked, and that’s reality. Security researchers have found out an amazing strategy to pull out a trick in which the data will be extracted from the devices, and no one will be able to understand just what happened.

SATA Cables will become the Path to Steal Data

Ben-Gurion University, Israel

Researchers found that via SATAn Attack data can be pulled even from an Air-Gapped Systems. These kinds of Systems are usually isolated systems. Organization keeps that separate to keep the highly confidential data offline.

Where these systems are safe from online hackers to get exploited, the researchers get excited over the offline methods to exploit and steal data.  Due to that curiosity, they have tried several attacks on that system. However, in the end they got one way to do the same.  That was the SATAn Attack.

This Attack involved the interruption of SATA Cable which basically comes in use to transfer data from one place to another where hard disks were one of the important parts. In short, it is used to connect several devices to the storage devices. The attack includes:

  1. Capturing and processing radio frequency signals (to extract data in transit).
  2. To do this, the attacker needs to exploit the target air-gapped system via malware.
  3. After doing that, the attacker needs to capture the specific read/ write instructions to copy the stolen data.

For a fully completed demonstration you can follow this link provided by Latest Hacking News.

Cons related to this Attack and Things you need to Learn

As you’ll be seeing in the video, a practical demonstration is shown to understand the operation correctly. Or the attack you’re going to pull. To capture the data faster, the attacker will put the receiver near the targeted device.

Like every other attack has a limitation, it has a limitation too. Let’s talk about it. The real deal for the completion of this attack is the receiver should be at least 120cm close to the targeted system. In case, if the attacker increases the distance between the receiver and the targeted system, the data will take more time to transmit from one place to another.

Plus, the more you use the VMs in this attack the signal quality on SATA Cables will automatically reduce. That will also reduce the chances to get the data faster. Those who want to evade these kinds of attacks on their systems can use SATA Jammers that may add noise to the signals.

However, this could impact the disk usage negatively, in the end, hardware will be affected too.

Close UP

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