Several Bugs have been found in Pre-Built Android Apps, What’s so Severe?

Several Bugs have been found in Pre-Built Android Apps

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Android Apps and Mobiles are one of the most important things in our daily lives in the current era. So, it’s hard to live without them or to leave them by themselves. Every day a new app launches and several online surfers increase the download amount from a 1-2million per day. That’s a huge amount. But, what if it becomes an issue that can ruthlessly harm your privacy, and working routine?

Pre-Built Android Apps and Bugs

According to news in the IT industry, Microsoft has been able to find several bugs in the Pre-Built Apps that could be harmful to their users. The most challenging part is the Android Framework that most of the service providers use for their pre-built app is creating issues due to the bugs that have been found.

Experts are saying – vulnerabilities such as that can affect the experience of the users of these Android Apps. According to Microsoft, several Android app owners have fixed the bugs in the Apps. Yet, there is a possibility that many App owners have left the issue unfixed. That could be an issue for the regular users of those Android Apps.

What Microsoft Says About the Bugs?

Several Bugs have been found in Pre-Built Android Apps

The highlighted multiple security bugs affecting the mce systems’ Android framework. As there are several app makers that use these bugs to build their apps, it came into the spotlight. Actually, the matter doesn’t over with installing the apps because those apps aren’t possible to remove without rooting the devices. Those bugs have already affected the security of users’ android devices which made it impossible to use their mobiles properly.  Taking this kind of risk is very hard to deal with.

According to Microsoft, “the framework most users use for their android apps has a service activity and that is “BROWSABLE”. It can help attackers easily find loopholes in the system’s security. When they do it, they’ll be able to break in the system and implant a backdoor that will help the attackers to get the most control of the device in the hands of attackers”.

Can Google Play help mobile users know about the bugs?

Sorry! Although Google play Protect is able to tell which app contains bugs, however, pre-built app bugs are undetectable. Moreover, these unpatched apps are available in the play store. If we can’t stop people from installing, then they must be aware that this kind of thing is happening, so they must avoid such a situation.


The four different high-severity vulnerabilities have been spotted:

  • CVE – 2021 – 42598
  • CVE – 2021 – 42599
  • CVE – 2021 – 42600
  • CVE – 2021 – 42601

These things came into the spotlight with the CVSS scores of 7.0-8.9.

Android Apps affected by these bugs:

  • Mobile Klinik Device Checkup – Telus
  • Device Content Transfer – Bell Canada
  • MyRogers – Rogers Communications Inc.
  • Device Help – AT&T Services Inc.
  • Freedom Device Care – Freedom Mobile Inc.


Owners of these Android Apps have updated their Apps and the fixed versions have reached online. Microsoft advised mobile users to look for package com.mce.mceiotraceagent that the mobile repairing person may have put in their device while repairing it. If by any chance you get this package, you must delete it on the site.


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