There is a time period when we all feel that our work is over now. However, solutions are right in front of us every time we just need to take a look at them. You may not know about GitLab yet, but we’d say that you must listen to this story as it keeps on going highernhigher.


This Open-Source Platform for Developing, Securing, and Running a Software is provided by the Company GitLab Inc. Moreover, this platform was provided to developers by partners: (i) Dmitriy Zaporozhets & (ii) Sytse Sijbrandij.

Reportedly, complaints were coming up from the Developers’ side that there were several bugs and a critical severity remote code flaw on GitLab. For some time, the developers kept coping with the bugs and tried to control the situation by themselves.

But when that went too far, the developers took instant action on this event. GitLab looked for the Bugs and the ways they entered the platform. Surely, it took time, but fortunately, the patch was created.

How does the Patch Fix the Issues?

Several Severity Flaws have been Patched by GitLab

There was a total of 16 Bugs at the time GitLab found out about it. Moreover, those were related to the latest releases that are as follows:

  • 1.1
  • 0.4
  • 10.5

The most Severe conditions were that the Project wouldn’t let the users Import anything. That was only because of that Critical Remote Execution Vulnerability. Any Attacker can Trespass because of the Weaknesses and Loopholes in the system. To Execute Arbitrary Code, they can also use a Maliciously Crafted Software/ Worm.

When it came to the market the first one to notice this outbreak was “William Bowling”. Just after observing the conditions, he reported it to GitLab, via the Bug Bounty Program. The scoring given to this Bug CVE-2022-2185 was 9.9. That means the severity of the Bug was too dangerous.

Including this Bug, three other High-Severity Flaws caught Developers’ attention:


S.No. Name Work


1. CVE-2022-2235 (CVSS 8.7) A Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability can be targeted by a Maliciously Crafted ZenTao Link, just because it’s Fragile.
2. CVE-2022-2230 (CVSS 8.1) This one was on the Project Settings Page of GitLab’s CE/ EE. That allowed the Execution of Arbitrary JavaScript Codes on the behalf of the Victim.
3. CVE-2022-2229 (CVSS 7.5) Extracting the Value of Variables via names in private or public projects becomes easy with the improper use of GitLab CE/ EE.


Not only did GitLab fix these Bugs, but also put its hands on 8 Medium Severity Flaws and 4 Low-Severity Bugs. These other flaws affected the previous releases. Different researchers find out about these bugs in a different manner while reporting to GitLab via HackerOne. Plus, some of the vulnerabilities came into the eyes of GitLab Officials by themselves.


Note: To fix issues, developers are suggested to go for the Latest Version GitLab Community Editor (CE), and Enterprise Edition (EE), because now the target has been found and the patch has been ready in the latest version.


As you can see clearly, small issues also don’t stay in small sizes forever, so you need to prepare for the worst. These attackers may use malware in the near future on your networks and private systems too. You just need to make sure that you possess enough knowledge to maintain the security of your data and system.

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