SMS program hides “zero-click” vulnerability, Apple releases iOS 14.8 update

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SMS program hides “zero-click” vulnerability, Apple releases iOS 14.8 update

WASHINGTON September 15, 2021, Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Yuan Shi Steel reports) US Apple (Apple) iPhone 13 companies released in a hurry before the meeting on the 14th released the official version iOS 14.8 updates, the iOS system is the first of 14 for Eight updates; Apple said that this time it provides an “important security update” and recommends all users to install it. The network security monitoring organization “Citizen Lab” revealed that this is to fix the “zero-click” vulnerability in iMessage.

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According to foreign media reports, Citizen Lab pointed out that the vulnerability allows users to be hacked without opening the messaging app (iMessage). In addition to the iPhone, even the iPad and Mac are also damaged. It is a very Rare high-risk vulnerability. However, the spyware “Pegasus” developed by the Israeli cyber intelligence company NSO Group has breached Apple’s security system in recent years since at least February and has been using this loophole to monitor journalists and human rights defenders in multiple countries.

However, Apple Information Security Director Ivan Krstić said that although this vulnerability looks very dangerous, if you want to use this vulnerability to invade mobile devices, the technology is very complicated, and the cost is as high as millions of dollars, so it is usually not launched against the general public. Attacks are mainly aimed at some important key individuals. Although there is no threat to most users, Apple has quickly fixed this problem in iOS 14.8 and also encourages all users to update. 

In addition, Apple also introduced system updates such as iPadOS 14.8, macOS 11.6, and watchOS 7.6.2, covering mobile devices such as iPhone 6S, iPad Air 2, fifth-generation iPad, iPad mini 4, and above; for older models, IOS 14 models cannot be used, Apple will independently send updated systems to these devices in the future.

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