Soon, Google Chrome Will Prevent Network Hacking Attempts


Soon, Google Chrome Will Prevent Network Hacking Attempts

Google is currently testing a new feature for Chrome that would eventually stop websites from sending malicious requests in an attempt to take control of routers and printers on your personal network.

Google is developing a new feature for Chrome that will stop malicious public websites from attempting to hack devices linked to a user’s internal private network, such as printers and routers. Since they are not directly connected to the internet, most individuals may believe that devices connected to their home network are safe from cyberattacks; yet, hostile actors frequently gain access to and control over insecure devices.

Google recently announced on the Chrome Platform Status page that it is developing a new feature called “Private network access checks for navigation requests” that will determine whether the target device permits private network access to fix the security issue.

Following that, it will keep an eye on website requests for access to these devices to ensure they are coming from reliable sources.

To make sure nothing breaks, it will initially alert users if it detects a request coming from an untrusted source. However, Google claims that as soon as the capability is available, it will automatically block such requests. The internet behemoth further stated that this capability is only for requests for directions.

According to Google, the page will display an error message that reads “BLOCKED_BY_PRIVATE_NETWORK_ACCESS_CHECKS” if Chrome stops such a request. By hand refreshing the page, users can circumvent the connection request, though.

The Chrome Platform Status page indicates that the new feature will work with Chrome 123 on desktop and Android devices, although that it does not yet have a dedicated Chrome flag. Three new features have been added to Chrome by Google recently: a writing assistance, a custom background generator, and a new tab organizer driven by AI.

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