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After being the target of a significant cyberattack on Monday that required the business to shut down several of its network systems, MGM Resorts International is struggling to recover. All MGM websites are currently unavailable, the casino’s slot machines only accept cash, and it looks like guests can’t currently use digital room keys, leaving many of them locked out of their rooms.

Around 11:30 a.m. ET on Monday, MGM published the first statement regarding the attack on X (formerly known as Twitter), which sounds like a sequence from the well-liked Ocean Eleven movie series.

MGM Resorts

“A cybersecurity problem impacting certain of the Company’s systems was recently discovered by MGM Resorts.”

“Immediately after identifying the problem, we launched an investigation with the aid of recognized outside cybersecurity professionals. In order to secure our systems and data, we alerted law enforcement and took immediate action, including shutting down some services.”

“We are carefully attempting to ascertain the nature and extent of the situation while our inquiry is still continuing.”

MGM Resorts

Although the corporation apparently controls the site addresses, the websites for all 31 MGM resorts and the main MGM Resorts International website have consistently been unavailable throughout the day.

Direct phone numbers for booking questions and other MGM member services have been posted by MGM as instructions for its clients.

MGM Resorts

The MGM Rewards app, which enables users to book entertainment, reserve pool cabanas, create digital keys to open rooms, make reservations, and discover dining alternatives, is also down.

The App States,

“Digital keys are unavailable right now because MGM Rewards is undergoing maintenance. To get help, go to the front desk.”

It’s unclear whether the MGM service that allows visitors to use cardless digital keys that are generated specifically for their room and stored on their mobile device is also unavailable.

Company Fact Sheet

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas alone has 5,044 guest rooms and 751 suites, which helps to put the digital room key issue in context.


MGM Resorts Security Employee

“User @LasVegas on X Around 7 p.m. ET on Monday, a local user who appeared to be connected to many MGM insiders commented about the digital keys, saying, “The system that monitors ajar guest room doors is down.”

They previously published a video depicting a number of vacant slot machines on an MGM casino floor. All resort ATMs are down, according to reports from other X users. Cash withdrawals from casino cashiers are also not working.

MGM Resorts

There is no official comment from MGM regarding whether casino operations at any of the twelve MGM Las Vegas resorts have been impacted, except for user posts on social media.

There is currently no official word on what precipitated the incident, whether any threat actors have taken ownership of the attack, or when the company anticipates returning to regular commercial operations.


Additionally, @LasVegasLocally asserted—although it was simply a rumor at the time of publication—that “the hackers who took down MGM Resorts’ computer networks are asking for a large ransom.”

The FBI has been in touch with MGM since Sunday morning, according to local media, and has also spoken with the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

MGM Resorts

In another post, the same user discussed recent claims that “Caesars Entertainment was recently hacked in the same manner and paid out a $30 million ransom to avoid the problems MGM is experiencing.”

MGM’s corporate office has been contacted by Cybernews, and we are awaiting a response.

MGM International runs its renowned resort entertainment complexes outside of the hotel and casino resorts on the

  1. Las Vegas,
  2. Nevada,
  3. Strip in Massachusetts,
  4. Michigan,
  5. Mississippi,
  6. Maryland,
  7. Ohio, and
  8. New Jersey.

Local newspaper The MGM Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey, is reportedly having problems as well, according to Philadelphia 10. The casino floors are deserted, but entrance to the rooms is available.

The Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, New York-New York, and Park MGM are a few other well-known hospitality brands owned by MGM.

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