Taiwan’s Deputy Minister of Digital Affairs Declares that Taiwan Has Been Targeted by Severe Cyberattacks from China

Taiwan Has Been Targeted by Severe Cyberattacks

TAIPEI:  On average, Taiwan experiences over 100 million cyberattacks per year, the majority of which are “justifiably believed to be coming from China,” according to research.  Lee Huai Jen, the deputy minister for digital affairs in Taiwan, said this on Wednesday.

According to him, this is approximately 3 to 4 times greater than the majority of our neighbors, who are far more extensive than Taiwan.

He told a group of overseas reporters visiting Taiwan at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), “We have to deal with cyber intervention from China every day.”

Disinformation campaigns and cyberattacks are two of the biggest problems, according to Huai Jen, who said that during US Representative Nancy Palosi’s visit to Taiwan last year, China launched a massive cyber offensive against Taiwan.

In order to defend itself, he claimed, Taiwan established a brand-new, exclusive ministry for digital affairs in August 2022.

Governments must swiftly and immediately correct misinformation.  He claimed that if it is done in a hilarious way, the counter will become viral online.

When asked about difficulties India has encountered with misinformation and cyberattacks and whether there was more room for the two nations to develop a plan, he responded that Taiwan had cutting-edge capabilities while India was a software behemoth.  “We are willing to share our knowledge and expertise.  Taiwan is always glad to cooperate with other democratic nations.  We are willing to have more discussions with the relevant industry and the government.  An excellent place to begin is with cyber security,” he advised.

Huai Jen then further said that the ministry has become enabled to communicate information globally and guard against cyberattacks because Taiwan has used Web 3.0 for its official uses and websites.

The Taiwanese government has been supporting civic organizations that collaborate with tech firms and are active on social media platforms in order to combat misinformation.  He urged the media business to assist in fixing the problem.

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