The Govt Strikes on the Hidden Gambling World of Social Media; Influencers Should Beware!

Influencers Should Beware

The Govt Strikes on the Hidden Gambling World of Social Media; Influencers Should Beware!

With the intention of protecting people, the Government of India releases a warning against social media ads for online gambling. Gain further insight into the crucial decision in this article.

New Delhi:  The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting released an extensive advisory on March 21, 2024, with the aim of restricting the impact of offshore online wagering and gambling platforms.  The advisory specifically targeted social media influencers, endorsers, and intermediaries in online advertisements.

The directive issues a warning regarding the endorsement of these platforms, placing special emphasis on the potential economic and social hazards they present, especially for young individuals.

The advisory underscored the seriousness of the matter by detailing the legal structures and obligations of intermediaries in online advertising and social media with regard to blocking the distribution of materials associated with digital gambling and betting.

The Ministry’s apprehension arises from the heightened prominence of these platforms on social media, frequently decorated with celebrity endorsements, which has the potential to deceive the audience into participating in unlawful or detrimental endeavors.

In an advisory dated March 6, 2024, the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) previously voiced concern regarding the matter, highlighting the illicit characteristics of offshore wagering and gambling platforms.

The guidelines set forth by the CCPA to prevent deceptive advertisements and endorsements were referenced, emphasizing the importance of conducting thorough examinations of promotional endeavors associated with gambling and betting.

Section 79, in accordance with the IT Act of 2000, exempts intermediaries from liability for third-party content, but with a significant proviso in subsection (3)(b).  This clause stipulates that the exemption is null and void if the intermediary fails to promptly remove or disable access to illicit content after being notified by the government or its agencies.

The legislative context serves as the foundation for the advisory’s demand for prompt measures to halt the dissemination of said material.

Additionally, the Ministry has been granted the authority to instruct social media platforms to remove or disable access to any posts, links, or branded content that promotes these illegitimate platforms.  Non-compliance with these regulations may lead to legal consequences as specified in the Consumer Protection Act of 2019, which may comprise legal action against the user, disabling or removing social media posts or accounts, and additional monetary penalties.

This advisory functions as a severe warning to social media influencers and advertising intermediaries, discouraging them from endorsing gambling activities that are not only immoral but also unlawful.  The government’s objective in regulating these advertisements is to safeguard consumers, particularly young people, against the possible risks associated with online betting and gambling.

This will contribute to the creation of a more secure digital environment that benefits all.

To obtain further details regarding the advisory, kindly access the official website of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

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