Google Chrome was found guilty

Google Chrome was found guilty:

Google Chrome is already providing so many features to online users, however, users are still unsatisfied. That’s because people know that each time an update comes to Chrome versions, it creates certain problems/ bugs/ vulnerabilities that could compromise the user’s data.

US CISA’s advice to Users


Just like these issues, news came in front of Chrome users lately. That news covers the part that US CISA just advised the Chrome users to update their Chrome versions just after a new version was released.

It was supposed to be a fixed (bug-free) version, however, instead of that, it had many vulnerabilities that the experts just found out when it appeared in the market.

What were the Bugs?

When the Google Chrome version 102 was updated into the tech market, it was a great shock for the experts that there were the following issues with the subject (Chrome):

  • 30 vulnerabilities
  • A critical severity bug
  • 8 high-severity flaws in the version

Although this version was a failure, the next version took its place of it to cover the path with patches. The next update or we could say the version number 102.0.5005.115 was the patch for the previous version, it was carrying some other flaws in it. Some of them were 7 various security bugs.

According to the experts, 4 of the bugs were found by an independent team of researchers. One of these flaws has a use after free weaknesses in WebGPU. The vulnerability, named CVE-2022-2007, got into the view of a person named David Manouchehr.

He definitely told the team about it and the patch was prepared in time. At that moment, he was rewarded with $10,000 for his awareness.

Now, as you saw, the whole matter is clear that any high-level tech service can be vulnerable in the means of security, you need to be well prepared before going to that extreme. So, for that, what do you need to know and do?

Web Application Security Expert?

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