The Power Grid of Ladakh has been hacked by Chinese Hackers.
Non-Ethical Hacking (craw security)
During this wartime in the world, many countries have been suffering from the
losses they are facing and needed support for each individual family. However, the
hackers are still in the working mode where they compromise people’s data for
their own sort of accomplishments.
One of those accomplishments made the Ladakh Community suffer a lot. That’s
because the Power House has been hacked by Chinese Attackers. It seems like
they have purposely targeted the Ladakh Power Grid. But what’s the real case,
how did it happen, let’s talk about that.
Indian Govt. took sudden action on Chinese Cyber Attacks
RK Singh, (Union Minister), Power and New and Renewable Energy,
According to him, the Chinese Attacker made several attempts while targeting
electricity distribution centers nearby Ladakh. But in the heat of the moment,
they got caught on the spot and Indian Cyber Security Experts blocked it within
Two of the cyberattacks were verified to be conducted by hackers (Chinese) in
the Union Territory that were especially targeted at electricity distribution.
Reply to Media Group, Attack on Power Grid, Ladakh, August-March
The attack was launched practically as you have heard. But didn’t succeed in
accomplishing its goals. That might be a bit frustrating for the Chinese Hackers.
It’s like they must have thought something so big, but in the end, they dropped to
their own wits.
The Cybersecurity Standard began to rise and was enhanced by many levels to
stop the attackers from trespassing into their systems.
He said…
We have already raised our defensive mechanism against such threats via
making some changes.
According to the Media Reports
Over these past 8 months, Indian Electricity Distribution Centers in the
Union Territory of Ladakh were in the process of being attacked by Chinese
State-Sponsored Hackers.
Current Situation
During this time, officials of the Indian Army and Air Force are considering
making arrangements for the needs of the baseline and the Line of Actual
Control (LAC). That’s because the Indian and Chinese Army were at their
standoff position in Eastern Ladakh.
April-May, 2020
Indian Govt. made various changes in its positioning post aggression represented
by Chinese Troops.
There are many discussions happening among Indian and Chinese Govt.
regarding the military and diplomatic levels to find the solution needed for
issues emerging. Since then, they haven’t succeeded in their goals because of
China’s reluctance.
Well, China tried to propose a deal for the Patrolling Point 15 Friction. In this
case, the Indian Govt. declined the proposal front face.
From the viewpoint of the Indian Security Establishment under the lead of
National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, the issue will get a solution only if:
China needs to be relocated to the positions where they were before April, 2020.
In addition, they were urged to retreat without disturbing others.
Indian govt. has taken a strong-headed decision to empower the deployment
manifold with the LAC. The preparation of advanced bases in further areas has
been started by the Indian Air Force. That involves a base model to control
fighter jets and attack helicopters from further areas like Nyoma. Henceforth,
you can expect better decision-making from the Indian Security Establishment.
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