Top-Level Meetings on Cybersecurity Enhancement Including PM Modi, Home Min Shah, and NSA Doval in Jaipur.

Top-Level Meetings on Cybersecurity

Top-Level Meetings on Cybersecurity Enhancement Including PM Modi, Home Min Shah, and NSA Doval in Jaipur.


The meeting, which was attended by Union Home Minister Amit Shah and National Security Advisor AjitDoval, also included discussions on internal security.

Jaipur: On Saturday, during the 2nd consecutive day of the 58th National Conference of Director Generals and Inspector Generals of Police in Jaipur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with the police chiefs of each state.

From January 5th to the 7th, the Rajasthan International Centre will host its yearly three-day conference, during which participants engage in intensive discussions on four crucial subjects: internal security, legal reforms, human trafficking, and cybersecurity.

The Prime Minister, according to sources, arrived at the location shortly after 8:30 am and departed after 8:00 pm, after a lengthy discussion on a variety of topics. Additionally, he addressed the DGPs and inspired them to continue their efforts to ensure the nation’s security.

AjitDoval, National Security Advisor, and Union Home Minister Amit Shah were also in attendance at the conference.  Approximately three hours on Saturday were devoted to the discussion of cybersecurity at the conference, during which renowned cyber experts and teams from across the nation participated. PM Modi was provided with an extensive briefing regarding the current endeavors pertaining to cybersecurity.

Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah hosted a luncheon for all DGPs and IGPs at 1:00 pm. During the lunch break of one hour, Modi engaged in intimate interactions with every officer and they shared ideas.

The brunch was reportedly catered by the Taj Group, placing particular emphasis on the presentation of the distinctive flavors found in Rajasthani cuisine. Actively solicited were recommendations from the DGPs of all states regarding how to approach the matter of internal security. Doval contributed perceptive viewpoints throughout an extensive session.

Four hours were devoted to deliberations concerning the imperative nature of enacting legislative reforms and augmenting penalties and fines.  The perspectives of Shah and the police commanders of several states were solicited regarding this pivotal matter.

An entire session of two hours was devoted to discussions concerning human trafficking. Following an informative presentation by Minister of State for the Interior Nityanand Rai, an in-depth discussion ensued regarding the subject’s underlying causes and preventative measures.

The day reportedly featured as many as eleven sessions on a variety of topics, according to sources.  During the conference, DGPs and chiefs of various police agencies also exchanged vital information.

In the meantime, police acted swiftly to place NSUI state president Abhishek Chaudhary under house arrest for threatening to present Prime Minister Modi with black flags. Additionally, other student organization members were detained.

A high-ranking police officer stated, “The authorities kept an intense surveillance to ensure the smooth operation of the conference.”

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