Twitch Source Code And Creator Income Exposed In 125GB Leak

The live video administration Twitch was hit by an e-scale hacking attack, leaked 125GB of the organization’s information. In the 4chan thread released (and deleted) on Wednesday, an anonymous user posted a Torrent file with a multi-gigabit data crash. Plunge contains the company’s source code and details of the money made by Twitch creators.

Twitch admits the violation, however, isn’t certain concerning the “extent”

In a 4chan post, Ars saw these days, a mysterious user speculated to have leaked 125GB of information(data) separated from 6,000 inward Twitch unpleasant person repositories. The gathering banner ridiculed Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch, composing: “Jeff Bezos paid $970 million for this, and that we gave it away at no cost.”

The attacker write that the motivation behind the leak was to cause disturbance and advance rivalry between video real-time stages The hacker further stated that Twitch’s “community is a disgusting toxic sewage pool”.

Twitch admitted the violation, however, failed to reply to Ars’ queries. At this point, even Twitch does not seem to know the full scope of the violation, because the company is still studying the details:

Earnings of top Twitch creators revealed

The same topic on 4chan also claimed to publish “Report on creator spending from 2019 to the present. Find out how much money your favorite anchor really makes”

It’s worth noting that the 125GB file is titled “Part One,” which means the potential for a future leak.

A little part of the information that Ars saw showed the income of the best 10,000 Twitch clients close to their username. Game creator Sinoc released an updated list and Twitter users who analyzed the plummet released detailed spending details:


An anonymous Twitch source confirmed to Video Games Chronicle that the leaked data (including Twitch’s source code) was legal. As per sources in the company, the hack value(data) was as of late acquired on Monday.

The 4chan poster claimed that the leaked data plummeted include:

  • The entire source code of twitch. tv has a committed history from the beginning
  • Creator Payment Report from 2019
  • Twitch client for mobile, desktop, and video game consoles
  • Proprietary software development kits and internal AWS services used by Twitch
  • Data from “all other properties owned by Twitch”, including IGDB and CurseForge
  • Information about Amazon Game Studio’s unpublished Steam competitor (“Vapor”)
  • Twitch internal “red team” tool used by the SOC (security) team

According to reports, the plunge also contains the Unity source code for the game called “Vapeworld”.

The leaked file part is extremely huge, including an enormous ZIP. It might require a couple of days to comprehend the culmination of the break:

Some Twitter users also claimed to have seen cryptocurrency in the plunge and urged Twitch users to enable two-factor authentication and change the cryptocurrency as a protective measure.

The hack welcomed all the more awful news on Twitch’s plate and followed the hotly anticipated public reaction to the disdain assault issue. During such raids, users and bots dumped vulgarly and hate speech into the website’s prominent chat feed.

Interestingly, NBC’s technical investigative reporter Olivia Solon said that all Amazon’s warehouse systems were affected by the network interruption last night, although the company will not confirm whether this incident is related to the Twitch hacking incident.

According to Solon:

Amazon’s 2014 acquisition of Twitch insisted that the entity would operate “independently” from Amazon. Therefore, it is unclear whether Twitch runs its own server stack or uses Amazon’s rack space.

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