Two Cyber Thugs Arrested For Targeting Retired Govt Officials :

cyber criminsl arrested

Uttar Pradesh: The Law Enforcement Agency of Uttar Pradesh on Sunday arrested two cyber thugs including the commander of the gang on targeting the pension accounts of the retired govt officials. The gang members were identified as Mantu Kumar and Pramod Mandal used to call their targets and impersonate themselves as treasurer of the company to gather their bank details.

They were arrested on Sunday from Kolkata. cyber thugs had confessed that they have dupes more the 20 crore rupees from different victims accounts from all over India in the past two years. The Law Enforcement Agency had also recovered many SIM cards, Mobile phones, Bluetooth handsets, and many more gadgets.

The Law Enforcement Agency started the investigation after receiving complaints from the Retired Govt officials. one of the victims named chote all were duped 11 lakh rupees while Udayveer Singh and Ram Lakhan Chaudhary have duped 10 lakh each. This was done in the span of three months. It was not just the govt officials but also the police officers who were duped in this fraud case. A similar case was also registered in the capital of Uttar Pradesh i.e Lucknow where a retired secretariat official has duped 53 lakhs.

The Additional Director of the UP Law Enforcement Agency Ram Kumar said that Pramod Mondal was the mastermind behind the 36 cases registered for targeting the retired govt officials. The Additional Director said that the cyber thugs impersonate themselves as the company treasurer and used to gather the pension and the other allowances details from the victim.

They used to take bank account details and their ATM passwords from the victims. After which the money was transferred into the E-wallets and from there they used to encashed the money.

Another member of the investigating team said that each member was assigned a different task like getting a fake account opened, procuring fake sim cards, making calls to victims, informing about the police movement, and bank-related work. They were given the share from the amount according to the importance of their work.

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