online part time employment scam

Two individuals, who are believed to have participated in an online part-time fraud, have been apprehended by the Cyber Crime Wing.

The individual filing the complaint, who resides in the Adyar area, reported receiving a WhatsApp message that offered an online part-time work opportunity pertaining to the marketing of content on the YouTube platform.  With a shared belief, the individual who filed the complaint proceeded to fulfill the chores as instructed by the perpetrators via the messaging platform Telegram.

Subsequently, she was transferred to a larger Telegram group where she persistently executed assigned tasks and conducted many financial transactions to various bank accounts.  The individual incurred a financial loss of ₹12.22 lakh due to unidentified perpetrators engaging in fraudulent activities.

Upon a little passage of time, she came to the realization that the situation at hand was indeed a fraudulent scheme, prompting her to formally file a complaint.  An inquiry was initiated by the Cyber Crime Police of the Central Crime Branch.

The Know Your Customer (KYC) information pertaining to the bank account under suspicion was acquired.  The bank obtained the account holder’s information and the associated mobile number.  The account was determined to be registered under the name of Mohammed Illiyas, a 38-year-old resident of Manali.  On Friday, the individual in question was apprehended by law enforcement authorities.  Subsequently, based on the individual’s admission, A. Tamilselvam, aged 44 and residing in Anna Nagar East, was also taken into custody.

The authorities confiscated a total of seven mobile phones, one laptop, and a counterfeit seal that was intended for the purpose of creating a bank account from the individual in question.

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