Using CrimeGPT Extension, UP Police Aims to Combat Criminals

Using CrimeGPT Extension

Using CrimeGPT Extension, UP Police Aims to Combat Criminals

CrimeGPT, a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by Staqu Technologies, aids the UP Police in apprehending criminals through data analysis, and facial & vocal recognition.  The alignment of the utility with Staqu’s vision of a resilient security infrastructure powered by cutting-edge technology is further demonstrated by CEO Atual Rai.

It has been claimed that the UP Police are employing an AI tool, with the name CrimeGPT, in order to apprehend criminals, which is a pioneering development in the field of artificial intelligence.  Developed by Staqu Technologies, the new artificial intelligence technology is known as Crime GPT.

As also reported by India Today, it will be of assistance to the Uttar Pradesh Police Department by utilizing the digital database of criminals and locating particular specifics regarding the queries involved.

This new artificial intelligence tool will reportedly be equipped with characteristics such as the ability to analyze data, recognize voices, and identify the faces of criminals, as stated in the magazine.  Atul Rai, also known as the CEO and Co-Founder of Staqu Technologies, has expressed his excitement about the partnership between the Uttar Pradesh Police and Staq.

It was brought to his attention that the long-term strategy of Staqu centers on a solid security infrastructure that is driven by cutting-edge technology. There is a wonderful alignment between this idea and Crime GPT.

Through its interface with a digitized criminal database, Crime GPT makes it possible for law enforcement to conduct individualized searches for specific information on persons who are the focus of their attention.  These searches can make use of both written and voice inputs, as Rai explained further.

Apparently, the Crime GPT tool is an extension of their work Trinetra, which was earlier employed by the Uttar Pradesh police department. He claims that this was the case.

Furthermore, according to the study, Trinetra is able to identify the faces of the culprits herself.

Prashant Kumar, the Director General of Police in Uttar Pradesh, recently expressed his gratitude to Trinetra for the assistance it has provided to the law enforcement agency in terms of enhancing security and preserving peace and order.

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