Using Public Wi-Fi is Threat to Cater to Cyberattacks

Using Public Wi-Fi is a threat to cater to Cyberattacks!

With the opening of more and more Start-Ups and shops around all corners of the city – from bigger mall markets to small lanes of the colonies, shopkeepers or businessmen tend to attract more customers via any step possible to allure more footfall than the previous business day.  One of the major attracting features of the customers is to provide them open Wi-Fi during their stay at the hotel, café, or restaurant so that they can spend extra time on the table while dropping more orders and bringing better financial benefits to the organization.

Prime Locations for Potential Black Hat Hackers

This can happen at any open-source server which is for our benefit but sometimes lead to dead ends without any way to recover from there.  Whether we are going through bus, metro, walking through the road itself, sitting in a park, or even waiting for the flights at the airport, this data theft can happen at any point of time where we are totally unaware of the situation as we are bound to accomplish our most of the business, personal chats or virtual calls using the offered open-source internet since we cannot take our routing server everywhere we go with us.

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Disadvantages of utilizing Public Wi-Fi

Using this open-source internet or public Wi-Fi can be a bit harsh sometimes for the end-users as the malicious actors or entities, spyware, ransomware, viruses, or vicious campaign could enter into any smart gadget they are operating at that instant which leads to data theft or compromisation.

Govt. Guidelines for Public Wi-Fi

The Indian Government also encourage its citizen for using its open-source internet under the PM-WANI (Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface) scheme using a method of ID and Password generation through its official mobile application exclusively dedicated to fulfilling the purpose but it doesn’t authenticate that End User’s data is secured while using the open-source network.  Hence, the need for proper knowledge of the methods of securing your data by confirming the protection of your smart device or Wi-Fi one needs to have a proper Online Cyber Security Course in Delhi through an accredited institute like Craw Cyber Security Institution from several recognizing bodies such as EC-Council, Red Hat, CompTIA, CISCO, and many others.

DNS (Domain Name System) Filtering Service for Open-Source Internets

This is a methodology widely used for cleaning the Public Wi-Fi or Open-Source Internets just to make sure that no data theft is being done around the premises of those particular Wi-Fi-linked devices that may harm financially or in any other way to the end-users.  In this process, an extra layer of protection has been added to the system of the concerning smart device for the sake of protection against cyber-attacks such as malware, ransomware, phishing, botnets, etc.  One may also filter some unwanted stuff like pornographic content, violence, corruption, and drug-related material to make the gadget a family-friendly device so that you can even give it to a child for educational purposes without having any second thoughts.  If you want to learn the essential DNS Filtering Service then you may check our official website of Craw Cyber Security Institution which offers many Training & Certifications which are genuinely linked to the domain of Cyber Security & Awareness.

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