What is Digital Arrest & How Do People Lose Money Due to Fake Police? Beware!

What is Digital Arrest

What is Digital Arrest & How Do People Lose Money Due to Fake Police? Beware!

Nowadays, you could lose money even just by answering phone calls. The criminal might talk to you impersonating a police officer and you would be conned in no seconds. You might think, that it’s just a normal conversation between actual police & you, however, it’s a big scam running over globally.

Thousands of victims have been victimized by such groups that work together to threaten you over nothing but fat lies. You would regard such instances as such things truly happening. But when you get over it, you will understand that you have been deceived and scammed.

Now what to do if you become one of them? For that, you might need to look up at the below narration of the whole procedure that has taken place to deceive an individual.

Ex – 27.04.2024, a fraud of ₹ 1.48 crore was made with a woman from Prayagraj & 25.04.2024, a fraud of ₹ 25 crore was made with a woman from Mumbai.

The procedure of the Attack

  • In this fraud, you get a computer-generated voice call or a normal call.
  • You are told that your parcel which was going has been canceled.
  • For more information talk to our customer care executive.
  • As soon as the call is connected, they tell you that there was illegal stuff in your luggage, or you were carrying some luggage that has an Aadhaar & SIM card in your name.
  • If you feel that your Aadhaar or SIM card has been misused then file an FIR immediately otherwise you will be sent to jail, then keep giving your evidence from there.
  • The victim feels that he should lodge an FIR then & there.
  • The customer care officer in front says –

This is a matter of high security,

  1. keep everything confidential,
  2. Do not share it with anyone and
  3. You are made to download the video calling app Skype.
  • Fake policemen are sitting in front.
  • They start writing your FIR.
  • As soon as you narrate your incident, how your Aadhaar or SIM card has been misused, give your name and address, then a voice starts coming from the background from the fake police saying – his (your) name has also come up in a money laundering incident.
  • The fake policeman says – You have to stay on the line because your name has come up in our case & you will remain in front of the camera until the investigation is completed. To verify money laundering, you will have to show your account details and bank balance.
  • As soon as the victim shows how much balance is there in his account, the fake police say – You will have to transfer the money to our (their) secure (fake) RBI account. The money will be returned to you after verifying the source of that money.
  • The victim gets flinched & sends the money, which goes to the cyber criminal’s account and not to the RBI.
  • The fraudsters say – Our (their) RBI details show that you have several accounts at various places, you also have a trading account, so send that money also to our (their) RBI wallet as soon as possible.
  • Then, crores of rupees are extorted from you by threatening you with similar threats. After losing all the money, the person (you) realizes that he has been cyber cheated.


Beware of fraud in the name of “Drug paraphernalia found in courier or parcel”!! Fraudsters may pretend to be police officers, scare you, and ask for money and KYC / Account Details.

Note down their details and immediately report such suspected fraud on the eye facility of www.sancharsaathi.gov.in.

If you have lost money due to financial fraud then report to 1930 or www.cybercrime.gov.in. Issued by the Government of India in public interest.

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