How to Install Yuki Chan and Use of Yuki Chan

Yuki Chan is an open-source tool that is available on Github. It is an automatic penetration testing tool. Yuki chan is used for data collection and testing of websites and web servers. It is the easiest and maybe an all-in-one tool for penetration testing. It uses many tools simultaneously on the target system.

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Yuki chain atomizes the penetration testing tasks. It is used for vulnerability assessment of the CMS. Yuki chan has many modules as well as WAFW00F rooms can whois DNS lookup.

Yuki chan has various modules like Nmap, TheHarvester, DNSRecon, Sublist3r, WhatWeb, etc used for penetration testing.

In the Yuki chain, each tool starts running automatically when any of the modules scan the target. More than 15 modules are used for penetration testing. Yuki chan is used for Information gathering and testing of the security of websites and web servers. It provides many integrated tools to perform penetration testing on the target system.

Yuki Chan
Yuki Chan The Auto Pentest

Modules In Yuki Chan:

  • Whois domain analyzer
  • Nslookup
  • Nmap
  • TheHarvester
  • Metagoofil
  • DNSRecon
  • Sublist3r
  • Wafw00f
  • WAFNinja
  • XSS Scanner
  • WhatWeb
  • Spaghetti
  • WPscan
  • WPscanner
  • WPSeku
  • Droopescan ( CMS Vulnerability Scanner WordPress, Joomla, Silverstripe, Drupal, And Moodle)
  • SSLScan
  • SSLyze
  • A2SV
  • Dirsearch

Feature of  Yuki Chan:

  • Automated
  • Intel-Gathering
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Security Auditing
  • Tracking
  • System Enumeration
  • Fuzzing
  • CMS Auditing
  • SSL Security Auditing
  • And Off Course This Tool Designed For Targeted Pentesting Too

How to install Yuki Chan:

Step 1: Clone the repository

Clone the repository
Clone the repository Yuki chan from Github

Git clone

Step 2: Change the directory

cd Yuki-Chan-The-Auto-Pentest/

 Change the directory
go to inside of the Yuki chan folder

Step 3: Install the requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt

Install the requirements

Install the requirements of the Yuki chan tool

Step 4: Change the permission

chmod +x

Change the permission
Change the permission of ./

Step 5: Run the


Run the
Run the

 How to use Yuki Chan:

Step 1: Run the Yuki chan

Run the yuki chan
Run the Yuki chan with ./

Step 2: Enter the domain of the website without http:// or https://

yuki chan start
test with Yuki chan

Nslookup result

Nslookup result
Nslookup result of

All results in front of you


Home Page: –

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