1.5 Lakh Was Scammed From A Software Engineer In An Online Call Girl Scam

1.5 Lakh Was Scammed From A Software Engineer In An Online Call Girl Scam

₹1.5 Lakh Was Scammed From A Software Engineer In An Online Call Girl Scam

Bengaluru:  A 22-year-old software engineer, named Rishabh (name changed), was deceived by a clever fraud when trying to engage the services of an online sex worker. Rishabh, a resident of Wilson Garden, reported his harrowing experience to the Adugodi police, detailing how he was deceived and lost a significant amount of ₹1.5 lakh to swindlers.

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The incident occurred on a Friday evening while Rishabh was naively downloading games from the internet. While casually surfing, he unintentionally clicked on a game portal that sent him to an adult classified site promoting services provided by sex workers. Fascinated by the situation, he reached out to a contact number listed on the website, thus commencing his descent into the fraudulent scheme.

After sending a message to the given number, Rishabh promptly received a response asking for his current whereabouts. Upon his arrival in Koramangala, he was notified of a service charge of ₹5,000 and was instructed that an upfront payment of ₹500 was necessary to secure the booking. Believing in the authenticity of the transaction, Rishabh acquiesced and initiated the payment through a digital payment application.

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Afterward, the fraudsters instructed Rishabh to go to a hotel located near Electronics City around 7:30 pm, when they insisted on receiving the remaining amount of ₹4,500. Subsequently, an unforeseen solicitation for an extra amount of ₹8,900 was made as a reimbursable cautionary deposit, with the assurance of its recovery on the subsequent day. The problem intensified when additional cash requests emerged, including a purported security deposit for the girl’s identity verification.

Rishabh voiced his apprehension regarding the increasing demands, but unfortunately, he was placated by the persuasive swindlers. He willingly submitted an electronic version of his Aadhaar card for the purpose of verifying his identity, while concealing crucial information. The fraudsters cunningly insisted on a payment of ₹13,500, alleging that it was necessary for prompt verification and subsequent return.

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As the demands escalated uncontrollably, Rishabh’s doubts intensified. The fraudsters, operating under the alias Gourav Singh, made an effort to establish their trustworthiness by including a purported corporate accountant in a teleconference. The purpose of this strategy was to entice Rishabh into making additional payments, even resorting to fabricating screenshots of payments to mislead him.

Rishabh came to understand the full scope of the deception, resulting in a loss of ₹1.5 lakh. He sought aid by ringing the cyber hotline number 1930 only at that moment. On the next day, he reported the incident to the police, filing a formal complaint about the fraudulent experience.

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Rishabh, in describing his troubling encounter, highlighted the intricate measures the fraudsters employed to deceive and extort money from him at every phase of the transaction. His cautionary tale serves as a clear reminder to exercise vigilance and prudence when participating in online transactions, particularly in sensitive and new situations.

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