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FASTag Fraud: Beware of Becoming A Victim of FASTag Fraud at Toll Plazas

Ghaziabad:  If your vehicle also has FASTag installed.  If you also travel on the expressway then be careful, otherwise you can become a victim of fraud at toll plazas.

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Fraud is being done in the name of toll collection at Chhijarasi Toll Plaza on National Highway 9 of Ghaziabad.  By blacklisting Fastag at these toll plazas, they collect double toll tax from the drivers.  Not only this, toll employees are also accused of misbehavior.

fast tag fraud

Drivers are Charged Double Toll Tax

Despite having money in the FASTag on the vehicle, it is blacklisted. After this, a double toll tax is collected from the drivers. If anyone opposes this fraud at the toll plaza, the toll employees misbehave with them.

Drivers Complained on NHAI Helpline Number

There is a toll plaza at Chhijarasi adjacent to Ghaziabad.  Thousands of vehicles pass through here every day for Hapur, Rampur, Bareilly, Moradabad, Nainital and Lucknow.  It is alleged that when the driver comes to the toll plaza, his Fastag is blacklisted. It is said that there is no money in his account.

Even the toll employees are not helping them even after asking for Fastag recharge.  However, the drivers have complained about this on the NHAI helpline number, but till now there has been no solution to this problem.

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