2 Men Arrested in Part-Time Job Scam As Delhi Police Busts ₹1 Crore Cyber Fraud


2 Men Arrested in Part-Time Job Scam As Delhi Police Busts ₹1 Crore Cyber Fraud

New Delhi:  Two men have been apprehended by the Delhi Police on suspicion of deceiving individuals by claiming to offer part-time employment opportunities. The individuals apprehended, identified as Bharat Bhushan (35), Ankit Gupta (33), and Ankit Gupta (33), are presumed to have planned a fraud exceeding ₹1 crore.

The fraudulent scheme utilized a social media platform to deceive victims into investing money. Potential victims were persuaded by the perpetrators’ assurances of substantial returns on their investments.

The inquiry was initiated in response to a complaint lodged by an individual who had become a target of the fraudulent scheme. After paying ₹1,000 for a task and receiving a nominal return, the complainant disclosed that they were subsequently coerced into investing ₹1,98,000. After the investment, the defendant severed all lines of communication with the victim.

In response to the complaint, law enforcement officials launched technical surveillance and collected vital evidence, which comprised the suspects’ bank information and call logs. As a consequence, Ankit Gupta was apprehended from Pitampura, Delhi. Numerous mobile phones, a chequebook, and an ATM card containing a money trail totaling over ₹1 crore from multiple victims were recovered upon his detention.

Part-Time Job Scam

Police from Palwal, Haryana, apprehended Bharat Bhushan during an interstate operation.

The arrested suspects were in regular contact with two associates based in Bangalore, according to investigations. The suspects who have been apprehended have been remanded to judicial custody pending the outcome of additional investigations aimed at apprehending the remaining suspects.

Cautery should be exercised when confronted with unsolicited part-time employment opportunities, particularly those promoted on social media platforms, as advised by the Delhi Police. It is recommended that prior to making any financial investments, individuals undertake comprehensive background investigations.

Key Highlights of the Incident:

  • Two people have been nabbed in connection with a cyber fraud that exceeded ₹1 crore.
  • Victims were duped into investing money via social media by the suspects.
  • The public has been advised by law enforcement to exercise prudence when confronted with unsolicited job offers.

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