23 Nov AIIMS Server Hijacked via Ransomware Attack Pulling Strings over Patients

Delhi’s one of the most respected Healthcare Centers, AIIMS’s servers have been attacked by an adversary, and it’s not has been confirmed yet, that who had ultimately accessed it without any connection.

2022-11-24 (1)

In this attack, a lot of things got compromised in which, including elements were:

  • Servers
  • Systems
  • Patient Reports Files
  • Smart Lab
  • Report Generation
  • Billing Department
  • Appointment System

23, Nov, 2022, AIIMS

A swarm of Photos and Videos filled the social media that AIIMS, Delhi, India is being in Chaos and its servers’ issues causing a lane of patients to stand for too long In & Out the Hospital. Although it was nothing new for the patients in the previous years because attending to a patient isn’t a fast process, the server issues caused the time period to become farther than it was in the past.

Due to the attack, it became hard for the AIIMS Staff to cooperate with each and every function of the departments cuz most functions in the hospital are carried out with the help of digital machines and systems.

Then the data of patients were saved online and on the cloud server. Also, the appointments of the patients were recorded online. It was observed by professionals that all files were not in the condition to be opened by Hospital Staff.

Early morning, 7 AM, staff have been operating offline every appointment and work, as the server started unusually.

Evening, AIIMS

National Informatics Centre has been on restoring systems and has been notified that it could be a ransomware attack.  This all will be taken care of by professionals.


Proper actions have been taken by professionals to restore digital services. Also, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) and National Informatics Centre are responding well.”


It’s malicious software that is used by adversaries to take control of files and systems corrupted by it. An adversary mostly asks for a ransom amount to leave control of files or give the decryption key to unlock the encrypted files/ systems.


2022-11-24 (2)

AIIMS is responsible for caring for 1.5 Million global and 80,000 patients within land annually. Due to the incident, the hospital needed to take care of the situation by morning, which left the patients in the queue for too long. The registry was also swarmed up with patients longing to get registered.

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Besides that system for handling patients, many other departments had to feel the tense surroundings.

AIIMS Hospital

23 Nov AIIMS Server Hijacked via Ransomware Attack

We’re getting ready for any future events as such and will be on high alert if anything like such happens again. This is all to prevent future chaos.

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