274 Fake Loan Apps Have Fallen Under Police & RBI Radar For Significant Law Violations, Review The Full List

274 Fake Loan Apps Scanned by Police & RBI

274 Fake Loan Apps Scanned by Police & RBI

Whenever you need quick cash, the first name that comes across your mind would be your favorite person whom you can trust that the same would not say ‘NO’ to you.  That could be anyone, any family member, a friend, a close cousin, or any other relative.  Moreover, if you are unable to find an appropriate person that could lend you some bucks in your hour of need to pay your outstanding dues you will certainly go for some other option that can provide you with a major or minor loan to fulfill your needs.

In that condition, don’t rely on the advertisements that are luring you to take instant loans in some minutes popping on your computer or mobile phone screens at any social media handle or some other website.  Numerous law enforcement agencies have issued a warning against cyber thieves trying to steal your database through a number of Bogus or Fake Loan Apps.

Recently, a high-rank official of the Hon’ble Reserve Bank of India has revealed that the same is investigating 274 Bogus Loan Apps that are pretending to be legitimate and are offering quick money to their customers.  However, they exactly take the ultimate benefit of the opportunity of having access to the utmost sensitive details of the customers who have fallen prey to their bait.

On a daily basis, numerous law enforcement agencies are having a number of complaints from the people who have become victims of the complex web of cyber fraud created by these Fake Loan Apps, most of whom are based overseas.  They are just operating in India through a network of fraudulent local agents or operators.

Shaming Individuals by Sending Degrading SMSs by Fake Loan Apps

Several office-going personnel even claim that these mobile-based fake loan apps have gone to such lows that they even send some degrading or publicly shaming SMSs to their friends and relatives of the borrowers in their both personal and professional lives.

Moreover, in other cases, we also found that they use some publicly insulting terms in the SMSs sent to almost every connection of the borrowers as ‘rapist.’  In addition to this, the borrower’s family members, friends, colleagues, and close relatives’ contacts even received offensive messages and abused images.

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An investigation by Prof. Triveni Singh, SP, Uttar Pradesh Cyber Crime Cell

This alarm has been raised by the first CyberCop of India, Triveni Singh, an IPS officer, currently serving as SP in UP Cyber Crime Cell.  Further, he also stated on his LinkedIn handle about these serious incidents have taken place in many parts of the state.  He said “We are investigating these 274 Instant Loan App as we have received thousands of complaints against them about the threat, extortion, etc. We have also requested RBI for clarification on the legality of these apps!”

Fake Scam

As per many officials, a high level of harassment and mental trauma has been caused within the mindsets of the borrowers.  These debt recovery agents by these fake loan apps have raised a pretty much problematic situation that people are even stressed to that much extent that they are doing suicide attempts as they cannot tolerate the obscenity spread by altering their personal photographs and reaching to the personal contacts of their near-dear ones.

Some reports are also showing that these apps have their headquarters overseas, especially in China.  Most importantly, these fake loan apps are monitored and channeled by Indian agents who are getting giant cuts for their illicit operations in India.

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The Government of India is reviewing the authenticity of non-registered China-based loan apps since 2021, right from the COVID-19 Pandemic was at its optimum level.

During that lockdown period, a large number of youth had lost their employment which was the intended target of these fake loan apps for easy money that caused major problems later on.  In the scenario where youth lost their jobs due to COVID-19 Pandemic, these fake loan apps offered a quick short loan with no paperwork or other formalities that attracted the youth more.

In the present circumstances, Google has taken over such fraudulent apps and removed them from its Google Play store as an abundance of complaints were lodged mostly from Telangana state and other corresponding states describing the ill effects of harassment concerns.

Match The Name of Your Favourite App in the Full List Here of the Bogus Loan Mobile Apps:

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