Beware of SBI Credit Card Scam!

Beware of SBI Credit Card Scam!

Customers using the SBI’s Credit Cards as well as Debit Cards in the National Capital Territory of Delhi need to be careful. An entire gang of fraudsters is targeting these particular SBI Credit Card Customers.  The fraudulent person lures SBI Credit Card Customers to download the app on their mobile phones and then utilizes their credit cards for their own personal illicit benefits.  Due to mobile hacking, all their information is available to the fraudsters, due to which it becomes very difficult to avoid fraud and save the confidential form of sensitive data of the customers comprising the crucial banking details.

According to the sources, Krishna, a resident of Kanjhawala, uses SBI’s credit card of Ahmed Raza who is a local of Bihar. A few days ago, Ahmed got a random call from a girl in which the girl told him that she is talking on behalf of SBI’s legal authorities.  Further, she asked if there was any problem with Ahmed’s credit card.  Falling to her trick, Ahmed told the girl that he possesses some points on his credit card and asked her if he can obtain any money from the points after redeeming them into his account.

Ahead, when Ahmed asked if he can accomplish this particular task, the fraudulent girl sent a link on his mobile that carried some malicious mobile application download system.  After clicking on the same link, an app was downloaded.  Moreover, Ahmed followed the instructions commanded by the girls precisely which led to a sum of ₹28,826/- deduction from his Credit Card.  The girl further asked for the details of Ahmed’s other credit card but he hung up the phone knowing that he had been scammed with the money by the SMS that popped up on his mobile screen.

Later, Ahmed Raza complained about the matter to the police. A case has been registered in this regard in Rohini Cyber ​​Cell.

Subsequently, the Cyber Cell sources said that during the investigation of this case, they came to know that in this manner these gangs have cheated hundreds of people through the same methodology.  In addition to the process, they have sent a link to SBI Credit Card Customers’ mobile phones through SMSs and directed them to download the app somehow, which is the exact replica of the SBI one.  In this case, when people enter their information and submit their form, then their mobile gets compromised.

As a result, these fraudsters easily use the details of the SBI Credit Card users as they already have the required information.  In addition, OTPs coming on mobile are also easily available to them due to hacking.  Not only this, but the police have also come to know that after making a purchase, the fraudster immediately deletes the message on the compromised mobile of the prey user so that the credit card owner does not get the required information of the debited amount sent by SBI through SMS.  Moreover, as Cyber Security ExpertMohit Yadav told that this particular way of showing a fake website or app is called Phishing.

Beware of SBI Credit Card Holders Scam
Beware of SBI Credit Card Holders’ Scam

Such gangs first hack SBI Credit Card Holders’ mobile phone databases and then use their information to access their debit/ credit cards.  Because of this particular fake app, they keep getting all the information about your mobile activities. That is why many times they delete the incoming SMS so that their victim does not get the information about it. To avoid this type of fraud, people should not click on the link sent by an unknown person or keep antivirus apps on their smartphones and smart devices.  Moreover, one should keep notice of which permission one should give to any application and which not?

If they are facing any problem related to their debit/ credit card, then they can contact the bank for this on the authorized customer care number or visit the branch itself.

In a nutshell, the primetime pieces of advice for Cyber Security Expert are as follows:

  • Do not click on any unknown link coming on mobile.
  • If there is any kind of problem-related to the bank, then go to the bank and get it fixed.
  • Do not believe anyone who talks about giving you any points or rewards on the phone.
  • Download any app from the play store itself, downloading the app from a link can be harmful.
  • Keep your credit card limit low so that you don’t lose much.
  • If you are a victim of cybercrime, immediately go to your nearest police station or lodge a complaint against the cybercrime on the official cybercrime website at

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