375 Million Airtel India Users Sensitive Data Up For Sale on Dark Web

Airtel India Users Sensitive Data

375 Million Airtel India Users Sensitive Data Up For Sale on Dark Web

  • It is claimed that a significant amount of data, which includes phone numbers and other personally identifiable information, got leaked by Airtel.
  • Airtel India has not yet issued a statement.
  • The hacker even claimed responsibility for the data breach of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

According to reports, subscriber information belonging to Airtel has been exposed on the dark web and is currently available for purchase. It has been reported that a breach occurred not too long ago and that an anonymous party is selling the information of around 375 million Airtel India customers on a hacking forum. Everything that was exposed as a result of this data breach at Airtel is as follows:

Specifics of the Airtel data leak

An individual by the name of xenZen is reportedly selling a dataset consisting of 375 million Airtel India users on a group that is known as BreachForums, as reported by Dark Web Informer on X.com.  The same news has been confirmed by Falcon Feeds’ Twitter (now X) handle.

This encompasses particulars such as:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Father Name
  • Local Address
  • Permanent Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Alternate Number
  • Connection Type
  • SIM Activation Date
  • Email ID
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Aadhar
  • Photo ID Proof Details
  • Address Proof Details



According to reports, this is new information that was obtained via a security breach that occurred in June of 2024.

By using the cryptocurrency known as Monero, the transaction is being carried out. A price of $50,000 in XMR (Monero) is being offered by the vendor.

In a related matter, the vendor asserts that they are also responsible for the recent data leak that occurred within the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.  That leak was discovered around the end of the previous month, and according to reports, it contained approximately 200,000 user data records from the eMigrate portal that is controlled by the ministry.

Follow these steps if you are concerned that your data may have been compromised in such a breach:

What you should do in the event that your personal information is stolen online?

  • Checking websites such as Have I Been Pwned is the first step in determining whether or not your data looks to have been compromised.
  • Change the passwords of the online accounts that have been compromised. For more info on how to change your passwords with maximum security concerns, and 10 Common Passwords and PINs That Can Be Easily Hacked, If You Use Them, read our article.
  • Make use of Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Twilio Authy, or the tools that are already integrated into these platforms in order to set up two-factor authentication.
  • Be sure to keep a close eye on your passbook and your financial accounts.
  • It is important to avoid falling for phishing or spam emails and communications.

We, at News4Hackers have attempted to get a statement from Airtel, but we have not yet gotten one. News4Hackers has reached out to them. We will provide you with further information as soon as we have it.

Just a day later on 5th July 2024, Airtel released an Official Statement on its X (formerly Twitter) handle to reach out to its customers.  In its statement, Airtel has claimed that there was no data breach took place on its servers so far at any level.

They even mentioned that they had conducted a thorough investigation over the claim of a data breach but they found nothing suspicious or linked with the mentioned claim made by the user xenZen.

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