4th Fraudster Arrested for Scamming Dehradun Man of ₹1.1 Cr by Impostering as Mumbai Police

Fraudster Arrested for Scamming Dehradun Man

4th Fraudster Arrested for Scamming Dehradun Man of ₹1.1 Cr by Impostering as Mumbai Police

Dehradun, Uttrakhand:  A 33-year-old guy from Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh, was taken into custody on Sunday by the Uttarakhand Special Task Force and the cyber police unit.  He is accused of tricking a resident of Dehradun out of ₹1.1 Crores.

Scamming Dehradun Man of ₹1.1 Cr

In order to fool the victim, the accused and his accomplices pretended to be Mumbai police officers and claimed that the victim’s bank account was involved in the laundering of USD 38 million and the trafficking of other illegal substances.  They are said to have persuaded him to transfer the money in various transactions under the guise of clearing his name from the investigation that was being conducted by the police.

The offender has been named as Ashutosh Dwivedi, as stated by the police. He was taken into custody after three of his accomplices from Kota were taken into custody a few weeks ago.

Ankush Mishra, the Director of the State Cyber Police Cell, stated that “Following his arrest, police additionally discovered that he was involved in three other similar cases reported in Patna, Bengaluru, and Tiruchirappalli.” In these cases, he had defrauded three individuals out of a total of ₹13 lakh, ₹87 lakh, and ₹24 lakh, respectively. There is an investigation underway.” as per the TNN News.


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