7 Cyber Frauds are Apprehended as the Delhi Police Unravel An All-India Cybercrime Syndicate

7 Cyber Frauds

Delhi:  The Delhi police have apprehended seven individuals and successfully dismantled a cyber-fraud ring operating exclusively within India.

As to the statement made by Rohit Meena, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in Shahdara, it has been established that the detained individuals have direct links to more than 2,100 cybercrime complaints and 67 First Information Reports (FIRs) that have been registered at different police stations in Delhi and other cities in India.

On Friday, the law enforcement authorities in Delhi successfully disbanded a cyber fraud syndicate comprised entirely of Indian nationals. Subsequently, seven individuals were apprehended in the capital city and the adjacent state of Bihar. According to the police report, a total of 11 mobile phones, over 100 SIM cards, counterfeit documents, three computers, four checkbooks, and five ATM cards were confiscated from the individuals in question.

As per the law enforcement authorities, the defendants engaged in fraudulent activities by creating counterfeit websites for many businesses, resulting in financial harm to numerous individuals around the country. The defendants within their network engaged in the sale of counterfeit websites at inflated prices to online fraudsters, who subsequently exploited these websites to deceive visitors.

As to the statement made by Rohit Meena, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in Shahdara, the apprehended individuals have been found to have direct involvement in more than 2,100 cybercrime complaints and 67 First Information Reports (FIRs) that were lodged at different police stations in Delhi and other cities in India.

The individuals who have been apprehended by law enforcement authorities have been identified as Mohammad Raja (26 years old), Vikas (28 years old), Mohammad Suhail Ansari (26 years old), Ankit Yadav (26 years old), Kanhaiya Kumar Mahto (19 years old), Bihari Paswan (22 years old), and Ajeet Kumar Paswan (23 years old).

As per the information provided by law enforcement authorities, it has been determined that out of the total of seven individuals apprehended, four individuals were identified as web developers. These individuals were involved in the sale of online solutions and the creation of counterfeit websites that closely resembled those belonging to legitimate organizations.

Based on a study of the confiscated electronic mobile phones and laptops, it has been determined that the gang has been operational for a duration of two years. During the examination of certain bank accounts, a transaction over Rs. 4 crore was uncovered. As the progression of our investigation unfolds, an increasing number of bank accounts have been discovered. DCP Meena suggests that the stolen money would be far more.

The commencement of this week was marked by the apprehension of individuals named Raja, Vikas, Ansari, and Yadav in the rural region of Kerala, situated in northwest Delhi. According to the police, as a consequence of their interrogation, the remaining three individuals were apprehended from Warisaliganj near Nawada in Bihar.

As per the statement provided by DCP Meena, the apprehensions were made subsequent to an inquiry into a legal matter involving the offenses of forgery, fraud, and criminal collusion. The case in question was registered at the cyber police station of the Shahdara district on October 7.

The plaintiff, Vijay Pahwa, fell victim to a fraudulent scheme in which he was deceived into purchasing an electric scooter, resulting in a financial loss of around Rs. 1.15 lakh. Pahwa apprised the authorities of his internet research, wherein he came across a website offering electric scooters for sale, as part of his endeavor to acquire the aforementioned vehicle.

Upon accessing the website, the individual came across a telephone number and proceeded to make a phone call in order to get further information. The individual in question was deceived into making a payment of INR 1,15,560 for the transportation of the electric scooter, which they had selected. The individual being referred to as the respondent, however, absconded subsequent to the disbursement of funds. Subsequently, Pahwa lodged a complaint against the act of cheating at the Shahdara police station, leading to the initiation of a legal case, as stated by Meena.

During the course of the investigation, the cyber police station team obtained information pertaining to the phone number and bank account utilized by the online fraudster and subsequently examined these specific details. The researchers also examined the identification cards and documents utilized in the creation of the counterfeit website. According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), the endeavors facilitated the identification of the suspects’ concealed locations and their subsequent apprehension in Delhi and Bihar.

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