Former NSA Official Admits Guilty to Confidential Information Disclosure to Russia


Former NSA Official Admits Guilty to Confidential Information Disclosure to Russia

An individual who was previously employed by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has admitted guilt in relation to allegations that he made an effort to communicate confidential defense material to the Russian government.

FORT MEADE, MD – MARCH 13: The seals of the U.S. Cyber Command, the National Secrity Agency and the Central Security Service greet employees and visitors at the campus the three organizations share March 13, 2015 in Fort Meade, Maryland. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter visited the campus and emphasized the importance of military cyber operations by making this his first visit with soliders, sailors, airmen and Marines inside the United States since becoming defense secretary in February 2015. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Jareh Sebastian Dalke, aged 31, held the position of an Information Systems Security Designer at the National Security Agency (NSA) during the duration of June 6, 2022, to July 1, 2022. During this period, Dalke was granted Top Secret clearance, enabling him to view confidential and sensitive materials. The most recent development occurred over a year subsequent to his apprehension.

According to a press release issued by the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) on Monday, Dalke acknowledged that during the period from August to September 2022, he employed an encrypted email account to send portions of three classified documents to an individual whom he believed to be a Russian agent. This action was undertaken by Dalke with the intention of demonstrating both his authorized access to the documents and his willingness to share them.

In actuality, the alleged individual was an undercover operative employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in an online capacity.

Dalke, a former member of the United States Army, is accused of soliciting a sum of $85,000 as compensation for disclosing classified information that he possessed, asserting its potential value to Russia. Furthermore, he offered the prospect of giving further papers in subsequent instances.

The transmission of documents occurred at Union Station, located in the downtown area of Denver, Colorado. The transmission was facilitated using a laptop computer, and it involved a total of five files. Among these files, four of them contained highly classified information pertaining to national defense, known as Top Secret National Defense Information (NDI).

Several of the provided paragraphs pertain to the National Security Agency’s intentions to enhance an undisclosed cryptographic program, alongside danger evaluations concerning classified United States defense capabilities and Russia’s offensive capacities.

The sixth document consisted of a letter authored by Dalke, wherein he expressed, “My esteemed acquaintances!” I am pleased to present this knowledge to you at last. . . . I anticipate the development of a mutually beneficial friendship between us. Kindly inform me of any specific documents that need to be located, and I will make an attempt to retrieve them upon my return to the primary office.

Dalke was apprehended by law enforcement officials on September 28, 2022, immediately following the completion of the file transfer.

Dalke, having entered a plea of guilty, is currently awaiting his sentencing, scheduled for April 26, 2024. If convicted, he may be subject to a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.


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