A Banker From Chinchinim got in a cyberattack and lost ₹ 68,000 online

Chinchinim got in a cyberattack

Recently, a lot of cyberattacks have taken place in India, and one of them has come in front of the Chinchinim people. One Senior Official (Bank) from Chinchinim got in a cyberattack  and lost  around ₹ 68,000.

The Fraudster was acting as the representative of an online company. After Dasari Sudhakar (Official) reported the incident, the Cuncolim Police booked an FIR against the anonymous criminal related to the incident.

On 6, May, the incident took place.

Police Sources,

According to Sudhakar, he got a call from an anonymous number on 6, May, 2023 @2:00 PM – 3:00 PM, notifying him about renewing his Flipkart Membership, due on 2/10. The Fraudster asked Sudhakar for an OTP he had received on his Mobile Phone.

He did as asked. Sooner, after sharing the OTP, he immediately found himself out of his bank a/c. Now, his account was in complete control of the fraudster. In a few seconds, an amount of ₹ 68,000 was debited from Sudhakar’s Bank Account after the purchase of iPhone 14 via EMIs.

After knowing that he was deceived, on Tue, he filed a complaint against the fraudster at the Cuncolim Police Station. Cuncolim PI Tukaram Chauvan is handling the investigation case.

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