As a member of the notorious Lapsus$ organization, an Oxford youngster has been discovered to be accountable for a number of hacking events that affected well-known firms.

Psychiatrists determined that 18-year-old Arion Kurtaj was not competent to stand trial.  A jury at Southwark Crown Court decided that he was certainly the person who performed the acts even though he wasn’t determined to be “guilty” of doing so with malicious intent.

Kurtaj is alleged to have penetrated a number of companies, including Nvidia, Uber, BT, and EE, from which he wanted a $4 million ransom after acquiring confidential files.  In accordance with the BBC, a 17-year-old accomplice acquired SIM data from EE subscribers and used it to withdraw nearly $100,000 from their cryptocurrency accounts.

Kurtaj reportedly carried out his most recent hack on Rockstar Games while he was out on bail and staying in a Travelodge hotel room.  He leaked numerous incomplete gameplay videos from the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 and wrote remarks to the company’s Slack channel.

Both parties will apparently be sentenced at a later time.  The 17-year-old associate was found guilty for his participation in the Lapsus$ gang.

Lapsus$ individuals continue to exist at a loose in unknown numbers, with some of them possibly residing in South America.  In October, federal police detained at least one alleged member in Feira de Santana, a city in the nation’s northeast.

Lapsus$ successfully attacked a number of well-known firms, notably Microsoft, Samsung, LG, Okta, and Vodafone.

Vishing, SIM swapping, approaching insiders at target companies, obtaining and scraping SharePoint-based websites for credentials saved in technical information, utilizing credentials to log into business VPNs, and cloning repositories of git to acquire API keys were some of the approaches they combined.

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