Mississippi Hospital System

According to Singing River Health System, we had to take Systems Offline. The system continues to operate tasks, but some facilities are being hampered.

The Mississippi Hospital System is still restoring the process of its operations and the treatment of its patients after a cyberattack. Moreover, the Singing River Health System, responsible for operating 3 Hospitals on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, has accepted that it got victimized in a cyberattack this week.

The firm took down the Computer Systems.

Laurin St. Pe, Interim CEO, Singing River

Mississippi Hospital System

“All of the PCs at the system’s hospitals and clinics are offline,” he told WLOX-TV. We are literally documenting on paper. There will be some delay, and ultimately, the choice to delay an elective treatment will be made by the doctor.

In order to ensure that we continue to provide care for our patients, he claimed that the clinical team and all departments are “pulling together and working as a team. At Singing River, it is our top priority.


The System is continuing to treat patients, however, some meetings and tasks could be affected by it.

Singing River System

Mississippi Hospital System

As long as we see patients, downtime procedures remain in effect. “We are making every effort to offer clearer details on the systems that will be made available and when. Although our IT security team is working around the clock on this, it will take some time owing to the nature of the situation.

Patients may have noticed some delays. Additionally, the system notes that radiology exams are only performed in hospitals, and results are sometimes returned late. According to the system, results are being sent to providers as soon as possible. The processing of laboratory testing is also experiencing difficulties inside the healthcare system.

MySingingRiver (MyChart), the system’s patient-facing app, is also unavailable due to the outage. According to the system, efforts are being made to promptly restore access. Singing River claimed that over the weekend, it first noticed odd activity.


Along with primary and specialist care clinics, the Mississippi health system also runs Gulfport Hospital, Pascagoula Hospital, and Ocean Springs Hospital.

The system has struggled with a lack of qualified employees and money problems. Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System was chosen by the Jackson County Board of Supervisors earlier this year as a potential buyer of the Singing River Health System. The agreement was expected to be finished this fall, according to officials.

In recent months, more hospitals have become the targets of cyberattacks and ransomware assaults.

According to John Riggi,

The American Hospital Association’s national advisor for cybersecurity and risk, more than 220 cyberattacks targeting hospitals and health systems occurred between January and late June.

Cyberattacks on patient records and health systems are having a greater impact on more people, claims the cybersecurity company Critical Insight. According to the company’s study of federal data, 40 million Americans experienced health data breaches in the first half of 2023. In contrast, a record number of 58 million persons were affected by breaches throughout the entire year of 2021.

Hospitals can now follow the rules just announced by the Joint Commission to safeguard patients from cyberattacks. To ensure that operations can continue even if electronic records and other systems are out, hospitals should create strong reaction plans. The panel advises creating reaction teams with hospital-wide representation.

The provision of patient care during extended disruptions should be planned for by health systems. The panel advises that “organizations should be ready to have life- and safety-critical technology offline for four weeks or longer.”

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