A manager of an auditing firm was duped of ₹40 lakh to online ‘assignment’ fraud.

online assignment fraud

In accordance with the police, the scam was discovered when the person complaining realized that he was no longer receiving the funds that he had transferred.

Cybercriminals defrauded a 38-year-old manager of a leading auditing firm out of roughly ₹40 lakh under the guise of promising a part-time employment opportunity.

Police say the fraudsters added the victim’s name to a Telegram group, assigned him multiple duties, and then duped him into sending funds in multiple transfers.

On July 1, the manager apparently got a message from an unidentified number regarding a part-time employment opportunity.  The manager subsequently sent a URL to a YouTube channel with directions to select the URL and subscribe.

“Because he had subscribed to their YouTube channel, the fraudsters approached the complainant via Telegram and requested his account information in order to transfer him ₹200.  “It was a perk for subscribing,” a police officer explained.

“They did this in order to win his confidence because when they deposited the cash, the target began to believe he could earn additional funds through them,” the officer explained.

The manager was incorporated into a group of freelancer part-time positions on Telegram later the same day.  In the group, the person who complained was informed that he was going to be allotted tasks that could only be completed if he deposited a certain sum of money.  After promising that the deposits would be refunded, the scammers sent him a list of the advantages he was going to get for making various payments.

The police report states that the fraudsters then directed him to a webpage and instructed him to create an account there.  After completing the three duties, the manager invested a total of ₹2,000, ₹5,000, and ₹10,000 in that order.  He eventually got ₹23,300 in exchange.

According to the police, the fraudsters began assigning him additional duties for which he initially put down ₹25,000.  “As a result, the manager was assigned nine additional responsibilities between July 1 and July 7.” He ultimately sent approx. ₹39,76,000/- to the fraudsters, according to the police officer.

According to the police, the fraud was discovered when the complainant realized that he was no longer receiving the funds that he had deposited.  “He began inquiring for his money, but they claimed he would be required to pay tax.  “When the complainant stated that he did not have any funds to send, the fraudsters claimed that his money could only be returned after his account on their website was closed,” the officer explained.

As the forgeries continued to mislead him, the person who complained realized he had been duped, so he filed a complaint with the cyber unit of the Mumbai Police.

After a preliminary investigation, the south cyber unit of the Mumbai Police registered a case against the cyber offenses under sections 120A (conspiracy), 420 (cheating), and 468 (forgery) of the Indian Penal Code, as well as applicable sections of the Information Technology Act.

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