Two Men are Detained for Using A “Fraud Loan” Software To Defraud Consumers.

Fraud Loan

Four smartphones and two laptops were taken by the police from Kumbhar and Singh, who were purportedly in charge of the server’s technical operations.

The Ahmedabad City Cyber Crime police have filed a case of deceit, cash extortion, and data theft after two individuals were detained on Friday in connection with the “fraud loan” program known as “Top Loan.”  Gaurav Singh and Vijay Kumbhar have been recognized as the persons who were detained.

Kumbhar was taken up from Pune, while Singh was detained in Noida.

According to Jitendra M. Yadav, ACP (Ahmedabad City Cyber Crime), the police are searching for an Indian living in China who is thought to have been in contact with Kumbhar, who was working for a company in Pune named “Technical Solution.”

The plaintiff, in this instance, purportedly utilized the app in question, which provided unsecured, short-term loans with a seven-day repayment period.

Accused loan sharks could allegedly blackmail victims when they downloaded the software, as described by Yadav: “It took the information of all connections, especially photographs, and transmitted the same information to a server situated in India.”

The police report states that the Ambawadi resident took out a loan of ₹3,000 on January 16 and was unable to repay it by its due date.  The complainant then began receiving calls from the business demanding repayment of the money.  The woman said her WhatsApp friends had received modified photos of her.

She reported the incident to the authorities, and their investigation took them to the cities of Pune and Noida.  The server was used by Vijay to send information to an Indian national who was living in China, according to the police report.

The amount of money lost due to the app has not yet been determined by the police.  We’re reaching out to the Indian who’s in charge of data processing in China.  “The Indian has ties to the company in Pune,” the ACP explained.

Kumbhar and Singh, who were allegedly in charge of the server’s technical aspects, have had four smartphones and two laptops confiscated by the authorities.

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