Due to a cyberattack, Leaseweb, a cloud and hosting provider, suffered a security breach that impacted some essential firm systems.

Following a recent security compromise, global hosting and cloud services provider Leaseweb has deactivated some “critical” systems. The business let its clients know that it is now attempting to restore these systems.


While looking into Customer Portal downtime concerns, the company reportedly found “unusual” activity in some of its systems, according to a notice of occurrence provided to consumers on August 22.



The corporation initiated an inquiry into the issue in addition to taking down some of the affected systems in an effort to contain the threat. To investigate the issue, the corporation hired a cybersecurity company called Digital Forensics. Leaseweb noted that it has successfully managed the incident and enhanced its security protocols to avert similar ones in the future.

Our monitoring systems discovered odd activity in certain of our cloud environments on the evening of August 22. Numerous cloud clients experienced downtime due to the problem, affecting only a small fraction of our cloud-based infrastructure.

In response to this incident, we have moved swiftly and decisively to minimize risks. This includes briefly turning off some crucial systems that affect the Customer Portal. the notice is read. “Our teams are putting a lot of effort into restoring the systems, and we anticipate that the Customer Portal will be back up in the following few hours.

We’ve put robust containment strategies in place and are working closely with a reputable cybersecurity and forensics firm to guarantee that our services remain secure and dependable. We have successfully isolated the situation, strengthened our security procedures, and have not discovered any additional illegal activity. Despite this, our investigation is still ongoing.

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