In a major loan app fraud, fraudsters created morphed nude photos of victims after they failed to return the borrowed money.

loan app fraud

Ahmedabad Police caught two accused in the case related to morphed nude photos of a man. The victim used a loan app to get some money but could not repay it in time.

In a cybercrime incident, Ahmedabad Police detained 2 fraudsters for making morphed (nude) pictures of a man. That is due to the victim using the loan app fraud to get money but could not return the money in time.

According to the report placed by the Ahmedabad Mirror, the accused were recognized as

  1. Vijaykumar Kumbhar, (38), Pune,
  2. Gaurav Singh, Noida, and
  3. Madnesh Singh, Noida.

Both accused have their origin from Uttar Pradesh.

loan app fraud

The Report

The scammers used a total of four mobile devices and two laptops, which the police seized, to manipulate the complainant’s image and then broadly disseminate it on WhatsApp.

Ajit Rajian, the Cybercrime Cell’s Deputy Commissioner of Police, Report

The complainant had obtained loans using lending apps having Chinese roots. Then, cybercriminals working in India’s northern regions receive these applications.

“The accused called the complainant on WhatsApp and threatened to morph his pictures and make them viral if he failed to return the money when the complainant could not repay the loan within the allotted time.”

The complainant was repeatedly verbally abused by the offenders, which eventually forced him to call the police for assistance.


The Cyber Crime Cell’s assistant commissioner of police, Jeetendra Yadav, described how they could locate the couple in Noida by using a technological study of the culprits’ phone numbers.

Aug, 23, 2023,

Telangana Police dismantled a lending app scam and harassment ring connected to Chinese operatives.

The police seized

  1. 3 Laptops,
  2. 6 Mobile Phones,
  3. 18 SIM Cards,
  4. A Debit Card, and
  5. ₹ 1.50 lakh in Cash.

They arrested five persons,

  • Ashutosh Mishra, (Haryana)
  • Saini, (Haryana)
  • Prashanth Kumar, (Haryana)
  • Prince Pal, (Haryana) and
  • Vikas Sharma, (Haryana).

After a guy named Abdul Bari, who had received a loan for Rs. 10,500, was made to hand up Rs. 2.49 lakh to the con artists, the police launched their investigation into the scheme.

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