The operation took care of 4 Suspects of a Cyber Fraud Gang caught by the Guwahati Crime Branch.

a Cyber Fraud Gang caught by the Guwahati Crime Branch.

The operation took care of 4 Suspects of a Cyber Fraud Gang caught by the Guwahati Crime Branch.

Guwahati: The latest headlines are – Guwahati Crime Branch has arrecyber attack news sted 4 suspects from the crime scene in operation following the intel provided by resources about the Cyber Fraud Gang in the city. During the investigation, they found a private place in Khanapara which caused the arrest of the 4 suspects who were relatively active in Cyber Financial Frauds. Following are the names of the 4 suspects.

  1. Rubel Rana – West Bengal,
  2. Sanidul Islam Khan – Bongaigaon,
  3. Ashraful Islam – Bongaigaon, and
  4. Ratul Khan – Bongaigaon.
4 Suspects of a Cyber Fraud Gang caught
Guwahati Crime Branch

The main base of those fraudsters was in Khanapara, & they gathered several dubious, fake, and imitating items from various regions.

  • Bank Account Details,
  • ATM Cards,
  • Cheque Books, and
  • Internet Banking Kits.

The breached data was against the victims to gain illegal financial gain via Cyber Financial Fraud.

Due to the urgent search operation executed by the Guwahati Crime Branch, the essential evidence was seized, including a lot of things, such as

  1. 5 ATM Cards and
  2. 5 Cheques discreetly concealed within 5 Insta Kits.

Moreover, the authorities took under 4 Mobile Phones & other suspicious articles linked to their wrongdoings.

Further details are awaited as investigations are underway.

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Cyber Fraud Gang caught by the Guwahati Crime Branch
Cyber Fraud Gand Busted in Guwahati, Four Arrested

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