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According to reports, a man from Nagpur lost Rs 42.55 lakh to an online scam in which criminals recruited him to complete various jobs for money.


A man from Nagpur lost Rs 42.55 lakh to an online scam where the fraudsters enticed him to complete various jobs to earn money.


An IT expert is the victim. This week, the victim went to the Cyber police station to file a complaint, which is how the situation came to light.

“Praful Ragrao Gondekar (30) joined the 35-member chat group “LY online trading D101” after receiving a link for a part-time online job on WhatsApp.”

“Since June, he has been requested to accomplish a number of similar jobs, but each time he has failed to do so, he has lost money.”

It is being investigated.


Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code, which deals with cheating, and other pertinent laws of the Information Technology (IT) Act were registered by the police as an offense.


“Gondekar was told via conversation that the participants had made big returns on their investments. He was persuaded to sign up on a website by fraudsters who assured him of big profits.”

Meanwhile, the Maharashtra ATS has detained a Bangladeshi man in Nagpur after discovering him to have lived there illegally for more than ten years, first as a Buddhist monk and subsequently as a fitness instructor. He was also running a scheme to assist citizens of his nation in fraudulently obtaining Indian passports.

Gondekar signed up on the website but was unable to generate any revenue.


In two months, Gondekar lost Rs 42.55 lakh to online scammers.

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