A Mistake That Cost ₹1.33 Crore by a Mumbai Marketer in A YouTube Scam

A Mistake That Cost ₹1.33 Crore

A Mistake That Cost ₹1.33 Crore by a Mumbai Marketer in A YouTube Scam

A 47-year-old marketing business executive in Mumbai was conned out of ₹1.33 Crores by a cyber scammer who promised large sums of money for viewing and liking YouTube videos.

What took place?  According to a MoneyControl analysis, the unfortunate individual followed the scammer’s directions and moved funds among 25 distinct bank accounts throughout the months of January and March 2023.

The con artist invited the victim to become part of a Telegram group in which he would receive assignments to finish and get paid.  Then, the victim entered the Telegram group because he believed the con artist’s promises.  In the beginning, a communication on WhatsApp proposing part-time employment with a daily salary between ₹5,000 and ₹7,000 was sent to the individual who was duped.

The fraudster additionally clarified that the individual would watch, “like,” and capture screenshots of YouTube videos before sending them to the specified WhatsApp number.

The target submitted INR 5,000 for enrollment along with additional costs, got a YouTube video URL, and then executed the directions provided.  In addition, he got ₹10,000 in his bank account, reportedly to a policeman in the city’s western district.

The con artist gave the man instructions to make a deposit of funds as an investment and gave him several chores, promising him big earnings when the tasks were finished.  When the victim asked for a reimbursement, the con artist allegedly said that he hadn’t completed the chores properly and sought extra money.  The victim subsequently filed a legal action.

According to the police inquiry, the victim transferred funds to 25 distinct bank accounts linked to bogus businesses.



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