A Pune Man Seeking Employment on An Online Job Board Loses ₹3 Lakh to Fraud.


A Pune Man ( The victim)  who worked for a private company, was initially assigned what appeared to be a legitimate assignment: writing Google map evaluations.

In an alarming occurrence that transpired in Undri, a 25-year-old individual fell prey to an unscrupulous internet deception, resulting in a significant financial loss of Rs 3.07 lakh to perpetrators of cybercrime in the month of September. The young man initiated his pursuit of improved employment opportunities by creating an online profile on a job platform.

Unbeknownst to him, an innocuous action undertaken by the individual in question inadvertently set in motion a cunning scheme orchestrated by malevolent individuals within the realm of a social media platform. The individuals assumed the roles of employers, presenting themselves as offering a position of employment on a part-time basis. Consequently, a series of events ensued, ultimately resulting in the individual experiencing financial loss.

According to a story from the Times of India, the individual in question, who had a position at a privately-owned company, was initially tasked with a seemingly authentic assignment, namely, the composition of Google map reviews. In order to establish a sense of trust, the individuals perpetrating the fraudulent activities went so far as to initiate modest, ostensibly authentic transactions by depositing funds into their personal bank accounts. As the crooks established a stronger connection with him, they extended an invitation for him to become a member of a group on an additional social networking platform, enticing him with promises of substantial financial gains from his investments.

During the period of August 13 to 14, the individual in question was coerced into transferring a substantial amount of Rs 3.07 lakh through six separate transactions to the bank account information provided by the perpetrators. The individual initiated a course of action, seeking reimbursement for his diligently earned funds, solely upon harboring suspicions of fraudulent activity.

In an unexpected development, the individuals involved in fraudulent activities exhibited a refusal to disburse the individual’s funds while simultaneously requesting an extra sum of Rs 50,000, purportedly for the purpose of facilitating the refund procedure. Regrettably, this constituted the final encounter between the victim and the perpetrators of fraud, who thereafter disappeared into the realm of digital anonymity. Consequently, the victim experienced profound distress and struggled to come to terms with the severe consequences of his financial detriment.

This regrettable occurrence serves as a poignant reminder of the perpetual hazards within the digital realm. In light of the growing prevalence of online platforms for job-seeking and financial advancement, it is imperative for individuals to exhibit a high degree of caution and skepticism while engaging with unfamiliar entities in the virtual domain. The authorities are actively engaged in a thorough investigation of the issue, with the objective of apprehending these cybercriminals and promoting awareness of the risks associated with internet scams.

In the contemporary era of digital advancements, it is of utmost need to exercise vigilance and carefully authenticate employment offers and online engagements. The narrative of this youthful inhabitant of Pune highlights the significance of remaining knowledgeable and protecting oneself against the always-evolving strategies employed by cybercriminals who exploit naïve individuals striving to improve their circumstances.

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