Pizza Hut Australia Hack: Order Records and Customer Sensitive Information are Revealed via A Data Breach

Pizza Hut Australia Hack

The company estimates that approximately 1,93,000 consumers have been affected by the data breach, which was discovered in early September.

Pizza Hut’s Australian operations have experienced a cyber-attack, as reported by the firm, resulting in the unauthorized acquisition of client data, which includes delivery addresses and order details.

In a communication addressed to its clientele on Wednesday, Phil Reed, the chief executive of Pizza Hut Australia, informed that the firm had been cognizant in early September of an occurrence involving unauthorized access by a third party to some data belonging to the company.

The speaker stated that they took measures to enhance the security of their systems, enlisted the expertise of forensic and cybersecurity professionals, and commenced a continuous investigation to get insight into the events that transpired and determine the specific data that was affected.

According to Reed, the acquired data encompasses various consumer particulars and online order details from Pizza Hut’s customer database, such as names, delivery addresses and instructions, email addresses, and contact numbers.

In the case of registered accounts, it would encompass both encrypted credit card data and encrypted passwords.

According to the individual, the operational activities remained unaffected by the cyber intrusion, and the incident was duly disclosed to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

According to a statement issued by a representative of Pizza Hut Australia, it is estimated that about 193,000 consumers have been impacted by the security incident.

According to a spokeswoman, the affected consumers have been notified about the occurrence and provided with guidance on safeguarding their information and mitigating the risk of falling victim to fraudulent activities.

The corporation declined to provide information regarding the temporal extent of the acquired data.

Earlier this month, a website specializing in data breaches disclosed that it had acquired a sample of customer data purportedly taken by the alleged hackers.  This corresponds with the specific sorts of data that Pizza Hut acknowledged was compromised, encompassing encrypted credit card details and hashed passwords.

Pizza Hut had a total of 260 establishments across the nation of Australia.  In the month of June, Allegro Funds, an Australian private equity group, divested its ownership of Pizza Hut Australia to Flynn Restaurant Group, a United States-based company, subsequent to a comprehensive restructuring of the aforementioned business entity.

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