A Voice Note was Sent To The Accountant of a Builder in His Voice and Defrauded of ₹60 Lakh

A Voice Note was Sent To The Accountant

A Voice Note was Sent To The Accountant of a Builder in His Voice and Defrauded of ₹60 Lakh

Cybercriminals sent a WhatsApp voice note to the Mumbai-based builder to his accountant and defrauded him of Rs 60 lakh.

Mumbai:  Cybercriminals sent a voice message on WhatsApp in the voice of a Mumbai-based builder to his accountant and defrauded him of ₹60 lakh.  Hearing the builder’s voice, the accountant transferred ₹60 lakh to the said account without any delay and when he had a face-to-face conversation with the builder, he came to know about the cyber fraud. So let us tell you how it happened.

How Mumbai Builder Was Cheated of ₹60 Lakhs?

A builder resident of Navi Mumbai has complained to the police that on March 6, cybercriminals called his office and obtained his accountant’s number.  After this, a voice message was sent to the accountant on WhatsApp.

The voice in this message was exactly like that of a builder. In the voice message, the builder is asking his accountant to transfer Rs 60 lakh to this account immediately.  Although the accountant was a little hesitant due to such a huge amount, after hearing the voice of the owner of his firm, he immediately transferred Rs 60 lakh to the given account number.

The next day, when the builder met the accountant, he was told about sending the money and it was then that the cyber fraud came to light. Cyber expert and former IPS professor Triveni Singh says that this is a case of voice cloning and fraud has been committed by cloning the voice through Artificial Intelligence.

Voice Cloning is Quite Dangerous

In the new era of technology, cybercriminals are committing fraud with people in different ways but in this, voice cloning is the most dangerous.  Leaving aside the traditional methods of fraud, they are making people their victims online.

The most dangerous among these is considered to be voice cloning, of which most people are unaware.  In cases of fraud through voice cloning, fraudsters call the voice of a close relative or acquaintance and ask for help.  They call and demand money saying that they are in trouble. Most of the people get trapped in their trap out of fear. In this way, lakhs of rupees are lost.

How To Avoid This Type of Cyber Fraud?

  • If someone talks on the phone in the voice of a relative or friend and demands money in the name of help, then be careful.
  • If you feel that the caller is really your relative or friend, then contact him through different mediums and get confirmed first and then help him.
  • Get alerted if you receive a call from an unknown number. Especially if a video call or voice message comes, there is a need to be extra careful.
  • In case of any kind of cyber fraud, call 1930.

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