Adversaries duped ₹ 700 + Crore as a part of the big Fraud Campaign running wildly caught by Hyderabad Police

big Fraud Campaign

Police, TOI Report

On Saturday, Hyderabad Police got their hands on a ₹ 700 + investment/ part-time job fraud campaign operated by Chinese adversaries with the support of Hezbollah Terror Group (Lebanon.)

The information about this group was provided by a crypto agency that has flagged suspicious Bitcoin deposits in the terror group’s wallet.

A few thousand were deceived in this scam by the adversaries that planned this Tasks-based investment-cum-part-time job fraud. Moreover, in exchange for performing tasks, they offered alluring amounts of money. The tasks included – Liking Youtube Videos/ giving Google Reviews.

9 suspects were arrested in this Case. The apprehended were as follows.

  1. Hyderabad – Mohammad Munawar, Arul Das, Shameer Khan, & Shah Sumair,
  2. Ahmedabad – Prakash Mulchandbhai Prajapati & Kumar Prajapati, and
  3. Gagan Soni, Parvez alias Guddu & Naimuddin Sheikh from Mumbai.

Anand, Hyderabad police commissioner CV

In April, a victim, Shiva Kumar (Hyderabad), explained to a cybercrime investigator that he was deceived of ₹ 28 Lakh within the fraud campaign.

After following the money trail, investigators focused on 48 bank a/cs of fraud firms, and the duped money was around ₹ 584 crore.


“An account was being operated under the name “Radhika Marketing Company” (Hyderabad.) The contact number associated with the account was in the name of “Munawar.”

Anand, NDTV

“An alert has been given to the Central Agencies, and the Union Home Ministry’s Cybercrime unit has been provided with the investigation details. The most shocking part of this case was that even the highly skilled software developers got duped at ₹ 82 Lakh.

Chinese Adversaries associated with the fraudster group (Gulf) were executing the Indian Accounts & transferring funds into crypto wallets.”

The Accused from Ahmedabad ‘Prakash & Kumar Prajapati’ handled the crypto wallets responsible for transferring the funds abroad.

Moreover, the cooperation of Hyderabad Police & Home Ministy’s Cybercrime identified that a bit of money was transferred to a crypto A/c was run by Hezbollah.

Police Commissioner

“Prakash Prajapati and his Chinese handlers have a hotline. To manage these accounts from Dubai or China using remote access apps, he sends them information about Indian bank accounts and shared OTPs.

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