Feb 2023: An Cyber Incident occurred within Iron Engineering Firm Vesuvius losing around £3.5 million.


The February cyber intrusion will cost Vesuvius, a molten metal flow engineering and technology pioneer, £3.5 million.

Vesuvius, a company with over 10,000 employees and a listing on the London Stock Exchange, is a world leader in molten metal flow engineering and technology.

The business announced a security issue and claimed it had detected unauthorised access to its systems in February. The corporation withheld information about the attack at the time.

Firm Vesuvius

Vesuvius, Statement

“We have responded to the situation appropriately, including by shutting down affected systems, as soon as we became aware of unauthorised activity on our networks. To help our investigations and determine the scope of the problem, including its effects on production and contract fulfilment, we are collaborating with top cyber security specialists.”

“With resilient pricing during the time period producing better than anticipated margin, Foundry has performed exceptionally well. Additionally, the Steel division outperformed forecasts because to stable pricing and slightly higher-than-expected volumes.”

“Despite the effects of the cyber event that occurred earlier in the year, which we anticipate to have a cost impact of c. £3.5m, this strong performance has been achieved.”

“The cyber event has slowed down progress in inventory management, but it is anticipated that it will pick up again in the following months. We remain committed and sure that we can keep getting better all year long.”

The cost of the cyberattack, according to an update from Vesuvius, would be £3.5 million, or around $4.6 million at the time of this writing.

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Engineering Firm Vesuvius
Engineering Firm Vesuvius

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